Eli Goldsworthy
Eli 3
Full Name Elijah Goldsworthy
Nickname(s) Eli (by Everyone)

Emo Boy (by Fitz) Muffin (by Imogen) Baby Boy (by Cece) Mr.Writes plays for his exes (Fiona) Captain America (Fiona)

Gender Male
Date of Birth 1994
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Family Bullfrog Goldsworthy (Father)

Cece Goldsworthy (Mother)

Relationships Julia (Ex-Girlfriend; Deceased)

Clare Edwards (Girlfriend)

Job Student


School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Drama Club
First Episode Breakaway (2) (10.04)
Portrayed By Munro Chambers

Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School. Eli is different. He likes listening to punk rock and used to drive a vintage hearse named Morty, until he purposely crashed Morty in a failed attempt to win Clare back . His trademarks are his guitar pick necklace and his lopsided smirk. He suffers from bipolar disorder and takes medication as well as a few therapy sessions. He is best friends with Adam Torres. He is also good friends with Imogen Moreno and Fiona Coyne. Eli is portrayed by Munro Chambers.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 10Edit

In Breakaway (2), Eli makes his first appearance when he runs over Clare's glasses. He returns them to her despite the fact that they are broken, he mentions that she has pretty eyes. Clare tells him nervously that she'll see him around and he replies saying "Guess you will", and leaves.

In Better Off Alone (1), Eli becomes Clare's English partner for the semester. His writing is said by Ms. Dawes to be a little wordy, and he is to help Clare with her writer's block. Neither of them seem very enthusiastic about it, however, and Eli purposefully pushes past her and smirks when leaving class. The next day, Clare still isn't ready to hand her paper in and he convinces her to skip class to avoid turning it in. She invites him to come with her, and he does. They are next seen sitting on a bench where Eli advises her to write about something she cares about, and she immediately thinks of her parents' marital problems, but refuses to write about that due to its personal nature. He teases about her so much what others think, something she hotly denies. He dares her to scream in public to prove him wrong. She does, and expects him to do the same, which he declines. Clare, annoyed, begins to playfully hit him, and he retaliates, escalating until they are awkwardly pressed together. Though they are both smiling shyly, she backs away and sits back down. Later that night, Eli flirts with Clare via instant messaging, inviting her to hang out with him that night. Clare is forced to decline because her parents are still fighting and she must take her father's place at her church's fundraiser.

In Better Off Alone (2), Eli finds Clare the next
File:Clare and eli.png
day, playfully asking why she stood him up the night before. She seems extremely distraught about her parents, and explains when Eli asks her to. He initially suggests that she talk to her parents up front, but then tells her she should write about it instead. When they return to English, they both receive detentions for skipping class. Ms. Dawes tells her to read the assignment she has been working on, a letter to her mother. As she reads, Eli is listening raptly with a smile on his face. Mrs. Dawes asks him his opinion on it, and he says he believes it is so good that she should read it at the school showcase that night. Clare seems upset and declines, but Mrs. Dawes insists, to Eli's pleasure. Clare reminds Eli that her mother will be at the showcase, but he only replies that she wanted to tell her parents how she felt, anyway. On the night of the showcase, she is too afraid to read her letter and leaves, ignoring Eli's constant protests. Later, Eli comes to Clare's house to learn that her parents read the letter and are now talking things through. She is confused as to why he is there and he sarcastically teases her into greeting him politely. He gives her his headphones, explaining that they are noise-cancelling and that she might need them if her parents start fighting again—or, he adds jokingly, if she needs to ignore him. Eli apologizes for interfering and promises not to do it again. Clare stops him as he is about to leave by grabbing his hand and tells him she won't mind it if her interferes occasionally.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Eli is one of the contestants that are trying to win backstage passes to the Dead Hand concert. He is using dirty tactics to win, including deliberately not wearing deodorant to disgust Bianca and torturing Wesley by pouring water until he runs to the bathroom.Eli agrees to split the tickets with Adam when they are the last two left. When Adam breaks Sav's taillight accidentally, Eli returns one of the tickets he won to Sav so he can pay for a new one, as well as offering to fix it himself. Eli repairs the taillight flawlessly, impressing Sav. Sav thanks Eli and says that he, Eli and Adam should hang out sometime. Eli agrees.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Sav, Eli, and Adam gather near the J.T. Yorke Memorial to think of ideas on how to keep Sav's parents busy while they are at the concert.
File:Adam and eli.jpg
Later while Sav's parents are at the show, Sav, Eli, and Adam take the car and go to the concert. Once they get there, Adam and Eli admit that they'd never take a chance to steal their parent's car to go to a concert. Eli, Adam and Sav arrive at the Dead Hand concert, backstage with passes. They stay for the concert and encore. On their way home, Eli mentions that they'll never make it home in time, and is present when they are pulled over. At school the next day, Sav meets up with Adam and Eli in the hallway, and Eli asks him how long he is grounded. He agrees that being honest with Sav's parents is the best policy for a while.

In Try Honesty (1), Eli gets into a fight over a parking spot with Fitz. Fitz pulls the hood ornament off of Eli's car, making him furious. Later Fitz is slamming Adam into a locker, and Eli intervenes. The fight is broken up, but it is clear that Fitz will now be targeting them. Eli tells Clare that he refuses to be a victim of Fitz's bullying, but Clare seems worried by his insistence. Her fears are realized when she meets Eli again and finds out he is planning on getting revenge. He is confident he is in the right, but Clare tells him that if he goes through with it she won't be impressed. Eli asks her what makes her think he's trying to impress her and she smiles at him, staying silent. He caves, promising to smooth things over with Fitz, but is interrupted when Fitz arrives. Eli makes a snide remark and Fitz knees him in the groin.Clare insists that he should still not retaliate, but Eli seems determined now. Later at The Dot, Eli finds Fitz and asks if he would accept a fake I.D., which Eli will make for him, in exchange for leaving he and Adam alone. Adam seems dissappointed, but Eli assures him he has a plan. The next day, Adam finds Eli scanning the Most Wanted List to see who best resembles Fitz. He then prints the picture, name and information of an arsonist onto Fitz's fake I.D.

File:Eli Fitz Try Honest (1).jpg
In Try Honesty (2) Eli gives Fitz the fake I.D., and he assures Eli that as long as it works, he won't bother them. Later, Fitz greets Eli with a friendly punch on the arm in the hallway. Clare seems pleased that Eli has made peace with Fitz, but he claims that he's going to finish what Fitz started, worrying her. Clare asks Adam about it, but Adam does not divulge her anything. Adam only asks that she stay out of it, because Eli has a 'big surprise' in store for Fitz. The next day, Eli waits for Fitz to finish buying cigarettes and calls the police, reporting a fight and hangs up. He then goes up to Fitz and instigates a fight. Fitz punches Eli several times and Eli, trying to prolong the fight, throws several trash cans between the two of them. They both hear sirens and Fitz tries to run, but Eli grabs his leg to stop him. The police arrive and make them stand against the wall while they search them. The officers takes their wallets to check their IDs, and take Fitz into custody when they recognize him from the Most Wanted List. As they begin to pull out of the ally, Eli gives Fitz a dark smirk. Eli arrives back at school, running into a worried Clare. Clare touches Eli's chin, noticing his split lip, and asks him what happened. He explains the fight and Fitz's arrest. Clare, shocked and disappointed, starts to walk away. Eli reassures her that when the police figure out he and Fitz aren't who their fake ID's say they are, then they'll be released. Seeing that Clare is still uncertain, Eli promises her that the worst that will happen to him is that he'll get busted for fake ID possession and that he might have to go to court. She is still angry when Fitz appears behind them, sarcastically commending Eli on his 'nice trick' before bumping past him. Eli seems pleased, but Clare is still skeptical.

File:High five.jpg
In My Body Is A Cage (1), Eli is talking to Adam about his remedial gym class. Adam begins talking about the cute girls in his class when he notices Eli staring at someone behind him. Clare comes up and immediately begins critiquing the short story thatEli gave her to edit, saying she dislikes his character 'Clara Edwin' (a character he obviously based on her) because she is a 'floozy.' Once she leaves, Adam tellsEli that their flirting nauseates him, and Eli replies that he enjoys it. Adam tells Eli that he thinks Bianca, who is in his gym class, is hot, but Eli warns him about her.Later, after Adam's incident with the tampons, Adam finds Eli and Clare outside talking about it. When Adam begins to explain, Eli says he doesn't have to, but Adam decides to tell them that he is an FTM transgender. Though Clare is obviously shocked and Eli seems confused, he accepts it immediately and assures Adam that nothing will change.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Adam, who must now be escorted through the halls by a teacher, sneaks away long enough to find Eli and Clare. He informs them that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. Eli assures Adam that his family will accept him in time. Later, Eli is present when Adam decides to burn all of his leftover 'Gracie' belongings.

In Still Fighting It (1), Eli, Clare, and Adam are doing an English video project for a modern Romeo and Juliet,
File:Clare-Eli Kiss2.png
which Eli apparently picked. Clare, who will be playing Juliet, asks the two boys which one of them will be Romeo, and Eli hastily volunteers. Eli coyly suggests they change the scene so that it takes Romeo longer to die so that they can have a 'final kiss.' While acting out the scene, Eli pauses and stares at Clare before sweetly kissing her. Clare asks Eli if they should reshoot that scene, hinting she wants to kiss him again. Eli looks over at Adam, who is getting annoyed, and he smiles and says he thinks they got all the footage they need. The next day, Clare is excited about the kiss and asks him if after editing the video he wants to see a movie, but Eli ignores her. Later, Clare talks to Ms. Dawes, who said that a lack of communication caused the star crossed lover's death. When Clare tries to confront Eli the next day, he convinces her that he isn't interested in her and that he is sorry that he led her on. When Clare walks away with her bike, upset, Eli watches with a stern expression on his face. The camera focuses on him, and ever so slightly, he shakes his head and continues working on Morty.

File:Eli,Clare, and Morty-3.jpg
In Still Fighting It (2), Eli has been ditching class and avoiding Clare. When Adam comes to him and says that he should tell Clare what's going on with him, Eli says that "she doesn't need to know". Adam mentions, over-exaggerating, that Clare is "dying", which makes Eli glare at Adam. Eli is aware of how mean he is being to her, but softly adds, "When I'm around her, all I can think about is getting her to kiss me." Adam is insistent, but Eli firmly says that it is for Clare's benefit that he is ignoring her. Later, Clare shows up at Eli's doorstep after getting his address from Adam (Eli seems aware of this, muttering "Dammit, Adam") and sadly states that if he can't at least tell her why he doesn't like her, then she can't be around him. He refuses to tell her, and Clare, hurting. He offered Clare a ride in Morty with him, and he told Clare about the place where he killed his girlfriend. The next day, he is seen with Clare, Adam, and Ms. Dawes with their video assignment, with the kissing, and he liked Clare's idea about giving him some time.

In Purple Pills (1), Adam makes plans with Eli at The Dot to hangout for a guys' night. Fitz comes in and starts to tease them, but Eli only glares at him and he soon leaves. Eli tells Adam that he can't hang out because he has to stay home and study, upsetting him. The next day, the day guys' night was supposed to happen, he goes to The Dot and sees Eli and Clare hanging out. Adam is hurt, but Eli tries to explain that he really wanted to see Clare and didn't want to make Adam feel left out by telling him the truth. At school the next day Adam ignores Eli and Clare in the cafeteria, sitting with Fitz instead. Adam is confused by how friendly Fitz is being to him, but does not question it. They eat lunch and mock Eli, which Eli overhears. At The dot after school, Eli apologizes for bailing on their plans. Adam says it's okay and tells him about another fight that's coming on but Eli tells him he has plans with Clare but that he can call him later. Adam gets mad and says he doesn't want Eli's pity. Eli tells him to not be such a girl and Adam shoots him an outraged look. Eli tries to amend his statement, but Adam is furious. Eli tells Adam Fitz isn't a real friend but Adam just calls him jealous and paranoid. Eli smirks and says "I do pity you. You're making a huge mistake," and walks away.

In Purple Pills (2), Eli is seen catching up with Adam in the hallway, who is about to confront Fitz. Eli is oblivious to this until he sees him walking toward Fitz angrily and punches him in the stomach. He tries to intervene, but Adam pushes him away, saying "I can fight my own battles." Fitz then announces he's going to fight Adam after school, which Adam accepts. Afterwords, Eli and Clare try talking sense into Adam, who is using the punching bag in the weight room. Adam refuses to listen, and walks out. Eli is silent and Clare says "What, for once you have no sneaky plan up your sleeve?" to which Eli replies by giving her a disappointed look and walks out. Later, Eli meets up with Adam near a school bus and says he's going to stand up to Fitz with him. Soon after, Fitz comes out of the school and Adam starts pushing him right away. Fitz refuses to hit Adam so he punches Eli instead. After the school is evacuated due to Clare's stink bomb, the fight dissipates and Eli and Adam leave the scene to avoid more trouble.

File:Clare and eli.jpg
In All Falls Down (1), Clare is incredibly distressed about getting caught for setting of the stink bomb, so Eli lies to Principal Simpson for her (much to her shock), saying Fitz set it off. After Simpson leaves, Eli tells Clare he knows how she can thank him for lying for her before leaning in and kissing her. After Eli's exam, he attempts to kiss her again in the hallway but she stops him and asks if they are in a relationship. Before he can answer, Fitz confronts Eli about Simpson questioning him about the stink bomb. Fitz puts him in a headlock, only letting go when he notices a teacher watching them. Eli contemplates getting back at him, but Clare, worried, distracts him. After Clare tells Eli that she's going to the dance with Fitz so that he would leave Eli alone, Eli is upset, but seems to go along with the idea after she persuades him not to fight it. After she leaves, Eli confronts Fitz and tries to threaten him if he hurts her. Fitz makes a joke about sleeping with her, enraging him. Later, while Clare, Alli, and Jenna are getting ready at her house, Eli arrives and tries to convince Clare to put ipecac in Fitz's drink during the dance, which would induce vomiting and make him sick. She refuses, saying it wouldn't stop the violence, which upsets him.

In All Falls Down (2), Clare then finds Fitz with a corsage near his locker. She asks him if he had brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Their conversation quickly moves to the on-going feud that is happening between Fitz and Eli, and she asks him if he
would be willing to end the feud should Eli apologize. Fitz decides he would, but only if that condition is met. At the dance, Clare gets them to talk to each other and, much to her relief, succeeds in convincing Eli to apologize. Eli then proposes a toast, but Clare gets suspicious and asks Eli and Fitz to switch cups. Fitz takes a drink and starts vomiting violently. Eli finds this extremely funny, but Clare is furious with him and tells him that whatever happens next, he deserves it. After Clare finds Fitz and attempts to apologize for Eli's actions, she realizes Fitz has a knife in his possession. She runs to Adam, informing him of the situation and telling him to tell Principal Simpson and find Eli. The school is put on lockdown and Mr. Simpson calls the police, who are on their way. Clare finally finds Eli in the hallway and warns him that Fitz has a knife, but Eli refuses to leave, saying he won't allow Fitz to scare him. Fitz appears, holding the knife, and Eli pushes Clare to the side telling her to stay away from him. Fitz then backs Eli up into a corner and Eli begs him not to do it, but Fitz's replies, "Someone has to shut you up." He jerks the knife forward, making Clare cry out in terror, but has actually stabbed the wall next to Eli. Clare runs to Eli who had sunk to his knees, paralyzed with fear. The cops arrive and arrest Fitz. As Eli and Clare are walking out, Eli explains to Clare that he was bullied relentlessly as a child, which is the reason he couldn't stand backing down to Fitz. Clare insists that it still wasn't the right thing to do, and that if he is going to be acting like this all the time, she can't be with him.

In Love Lockdown (1), Eli arrives at school in his usual black clothing, not the now-required uniform, and is warned by Mrs. Dawes on the matter. Eli hops a few desks to talk to Clare, and by the end of their conversation, Clare forgives him for Vegas Night. Eli reveals he got Chuck Palahniuk tickets for their first date, but Clare realizes that she has to attend the theater awards and that her parents will be there. He is upset when he hears about the situation with her parent's fighting, but asks if Clare can still make it to the author's talk after the awards, which she answers by grabbing a ticket. At the awards, after Clare finishes her speech, Eli greets her backstage, and the two sneak out and run across the stage to leave. Later, Eli and Clare are seen talking about the Chuck Palahniuk event, as they walk along the street together. Clare avoids her parents phone calls and suggests the two get matching piercings. After their ears are freshly pierced, they grab a cup of coffee at The Dot. Clare's parents continue to call, and Eli tells her he wants her parents to like him, saying they might blame him for her staying out late. She distracts him from the subject by kissing him.

In Love Lockdown (2), Eli and Clare discuss how they had a great first date last night. Eli wants to know if Clare's parents hate him, and Clare confesses that she hasn't told them about him yet. Eli's visibly disappointed, but then they are interrupted by Mrs. Dawes, who gives Eli a detention for not following the new dress code. Eli complains about how he can no longer express himself with the new dress code. Clare then comes up with an idea, and invites Eli to dinner, so that he and her parents can get to know each other. Later at Clare's house during dinner, Eli tries to introduce himself to Clare's parents. However, Clare continuously interrupts Eli and provides information about him that makes him look like a bad influence, making her parents dislike him, which upsets him. The next day at school, a transformed Clare comes to school and tries to seduce Eli. Eli pushes her away because he doesn't understand why she's acting this way. Clare tells him she is afraid her parents will divorce, and Eli expresses his feelings about last night, saying her that he didn't appreciate her giving her parents a bad impression of him. Eli tells her that now she has hurt him as well, and walks away upset, leaving Clare by herself.

In Umbrella (1), Clare meets up with Eli. She expresses to him that her parents are selling the house, and he suggests that maybe she can stay in the house and her parents can go back and forth to stay with her, as an acquaintance of his had done. Clare takes this into consideration. Before she leaves for class, she gives Eli her father's old watch which he likes. When he goes to put it in his locker, a bunch of random items and papers falls out. At first Eli looks nervous and embarrassed but then him and Clare laugh it off. At home, she proposes this idea to her parents, and her parents reject the idea. This infuriates Clare, and she storms out and goes to Little Miss Steaks, where she meets Eli and someone she didn't expect to see, his parents. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents say that she is welcomed anytime. She says that it's nice to know there's a guest room if she needs it, and Eli's father says no - she'd be staying in Eli's room. He says "We've been trying to get a girl in Eli's room for awhile now." This confuses Clare, and Eli asks if his Mom and Dad could leave them alone for a bit. Eli confesses that him and Julia had sex when she stayed at their house, and Clare tells him she isn't having sex before marriage. Eli tells her that he even though it's not his favorite thing, he accepts it. Clare starts to think about how they are different, and thinks that they'll end up like her parents, and Eli says "we're not your parents." Clare then leaves. The next day at school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare tells them all that her parents are getting a divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. Clare is confused as to why Jesus would do this to her, and her friend tells her that it's part of Jesus' plan, which Eli says sucks. Clare later runs out crying, saying she's losing everything she loves. Eli tells her that he'll be there for her. Afterwards, Clare goes home and her mother wants
her to sort through some things, and while doing so they come across a picture of Clare, Darcy and their father at a skiing trip in Maine. Her mother mentions that she regrets not taking risks when it came to her family for example learning to ski and going on the Maine trip. Clare then goes to Eli's house, and tells her that she wants to spend the night with him. Eli knows this isn't who Clare is and he tries to talk her into letting him take her home, but she refuses, saying "I don't know who I am!" Clare tries to hold Eli's hands, but he jerks back. This confuses Clare. Saddened and hurt, she leaves and he goes back inside his house.

In Umbrella (2) Eli is seen waiting at Clare's locker. He
wants to talk about what happened the previous day, and Clare refuses to talk. Clare brings up Julia and asked if the rejection had to do with her somehow. After a heated argument with Clare, she requests her watch back. Eli says he left it at home, and this upsets Clare. Later on, without Eli's consent, Clare and Adam go to Eli's house to retrieve Clare's watch. After an unsuccessful try, Adam suggests Clare tries "22-04-09", which was the date of Julia's death. Clare tries the combination, and is annoyed that it works. They go into Eli's room and discover that his room is a pigsty. Eli is pleased to see Clare waiting at his locker and she tells him that she understands he didn't reject her but was just embarrassed because he's messy. He's confused by this and opens his locker where he discovered Clare had cleaned it out. She says she hoped he could see how nice it was and then he would let her help with his room. When Eli discovers that Clare has revised his locker, he has a panic attack. He has trouble speaking, and goes to the garbage can to retrieve his things. Clare tries to calm him down, but he pushes her away, and yells, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" which frightens Clare. Eli continues to frantically look for his things. Eli is then later seen in Morty with his Mom, Cece. Eli expresses to her that he hates living like this, and that his life is hell. Cece says that it's been a long time since Julia's death, and Eli wonders if he'll forget about her. His mother reassures him that all the stuff in Eli's room isn't Julia, they are merely a representation of her. Julia is still in his heart, and Julia would want Eli to be happy. Eli later goes to Clare's house, and explains to her that if he throws something out, he feels like he'll die, or someone will get hurt, someone that he loves. Clare asks if he's ever heard of hoarding, and Eli says his mother tried to get him to a therapist, and he wants to change. Eli expresses to Clare that he doesn't want Clare to give up on him, and that she's really the only thing that makes him feel like he could ever get better. The two share a long hug. Later on, both Eli and Clare are&nbsp {C}
seen in Eli's room trying to throw away all of the useless junk that Eli has been keeping in his room. Eli has a hard time with this, but Clare is there to guide him through it. Eli then tries to give Clare her father's watch back, but she says he can keep it. Eli makes a comment about how much work his room is going to be and Clare says that she will stay with him as long as he needs it. He then refers to his room as a hotel and Clare asks if it's four stars and he says "Once its ready..and you are" Clare answers "Maybe someday". The two then share a kiss, and cuddle as the screen fades to black.

In Halo (1), Clare and Eli are holding hands, before Adam teases them, which causes them to let go of each other's hand. They laugh about it, and Eli asks Adam about his current love interest, Fiona. Eli and Clare later take Adam to their secret romantic hideout. Eli jokes about deflowering Clare in the spot where Adam was standing, which Clare quickly denies. Adam comes up with the idea of throwing a party to cheer Fiona up in their hideout, but Eli is hesitant about the idea.


In Halo (2), Eli helps Clare and Adam set up for the party in the abandoned church grounds for theparty. Eli attends the party and is amazed at how many people showed up. His viewpoint changed, and now believes that they possibly could be the "party-throwing types". He questions Adam about when Fiona would be arrriving. Later that evening, Clare and Eli cuddle in a hammock, looking at the stars.

In When Love Takes Over, Eli is first seen talking to Adam about finding a leading lady for the play are putting on. Adam thinks they won't find anyone and Eli says they will find the perfect girl for him and points out Fiona before leaving her and Adam to talk. Eli teases Adam while Fiona auditions and encourages him to go for it with her. After
Fiona tells Adam she wants to pretend the kiss between them never happened, he goes to Eli for advice. Eli tells him that maybe Fiona's drinking enabled her to show feelings that she would otherwise be scared to. The next day, Adam tells Clare and Eli about his make out session with Fiona to which Eli gives him a high five. Eli is happy for his friend until he finds out Fiona was drinking again. Adam gets defensive and Clare invites him and Fiona to join her and Eli for a lovers lunch in the Cafe. At first, it seems like Fiona has stood Adam up but then she comes and is clearly out of it. Eli warns Adam to get her out of there because she is wasted. Eli and Clare find Adam and try to comfort him and Adam admits he wants what they have. Eli tells him he'll eventually get it. Adam is down because Fiona said she didn't want to see him after he tricked her in to going to an intervention, so Eli and Clare try to comfort him again.

In Jesus, Etc. (1), Eli is seen teaching Clare how to drive and also talking about submitting a story for a comic book. Eli becomes cautious and tells her to go slow. She teases him and starts to drive forward when Fitz crosses in front of them causing her to stop the car. Fitz comes up to the window and says he's been looking for them and wants to talk to them. While Clare is clearly surprised, Eli just wants to get away as soon as possible. They speed off leaving Fitz to look after them. While they're walking between classes, Clare wonders why Fitz would want to talk to them and if he escaped. Eli dismisses the thought and says he was probably let out early but wonders if he wants to settle the score betweeen them. Later, Eli shows up to give Clare another driving lesson and notices she's distracted. She tells him that she saw and spoke to Fitz. She tells him that Fitz found God while he was in juvie and he says Fitz is just playing on her weakness, her religion. Clare says she thinks it more than that which causes Eli to hit Morty's dashboard in frustration saying that she is making it hard for him to do his job and protect her. Clare says she never asked for him to protect her and he yells "if not me, then who?". Clare is clearly offended by his outburst and says she not in the mood for a driving lesson and gets out the car. Eli says he didn't mean his comment the way it came out but she doesn't respond leaving him alone in the car. The next day, Eli is seen watching the area, looking out for Fitz. When he pulls up to The Dot later that day, he sees Fitz and Clare and assumes that Fitz is bothering her. He storms in, shoving Fitz and telling him to back off. He turns to Clare and ask if she's alright and she says she's fine and th ey were just talking. Eli gets suspious and demands Fitz tells him what they were talking about. Fitz apologizes to him about Vegas Night and he responds by saying "whatever" and turning back to Clare, pulling her elbow and heading for the door. Clare stays in her spot and says Fitz apologized and all he did was say whatever. Eli tells her he has nothing to say to Fitz and asks her if she's going to stay or go with him. She chooses to go with him and he holds the door open for her. As he leaves, he glares at Fitz.

In Jesus, Etc. (2), Eli is first seen reading in an empty classroom when Clare comes up to him and apologizes about talking to Fitz and freaking him out. He says it's okay and continues reading his edited story. Clare asks him what he thought about the changes she made to his story. He stands up and tells her she improved it and he's impressed. She throws her arms around him and gives him a hug. She tells him that he has nothing to worry about and promises to not let anyone come in between them. He says they should promise not to fight anymore and then she gives him a quick kiss before the bell rings. Later, Clare tells him over the phone that when he's done working on his story, he can come over to her house. When he arrives, he is shocked to see Fitz standing with Clare in her living room. Clare explains that Fitz had just showed up, beaten up, and that he's having problems at home. Eli says it's just another lie and asks her why she even cares. She tells him anyone with a heart would care about someone in trouble. Eli responds by asking her if she's saying he's some heartless monster to which she blurts out "sometimes". Both seems surprised by the comment and Eli just stares at her in disbelief. Fitz chimes in saying that he and Eli need to talk. Eli turns his attention to Fitz saying he has nothing to say to him and walks out. After Fitz leaves, Clare comes outside to find Eli sitting in Morty will his head down. She gets in and apologizes for calling him heartless and says she didn't mean it. He says it's fine and he deserved it. When he lifts his head up it shows that he is crying. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her but feels like she's slipping away and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He asks her to promise not to leave him and she agrees. The next day, he tells her that he finished the story and changed the ending after being inspired by what happenend with them and Fitz the previous day. He tells her that in the story, the hero realizes he can't protect the heroine so he kills her, drinks her blood, and that way they can be together forever as one. Clare says that's disturbing but he says it's his masterpiece and a true horror story. He tells her he couldn't have written it without her and that it's all about her. Clare seems unsettled by this but just brushes it off with an nervous joke. Eli says he owes her a driving lesson and gestures toward the exit. Before leaving, Eli publicly declares his love for Clare and puts his arm around her. They smile at each other and once they turn away, both of their faces change. While she looks somewhat nervous and uncomfortable, he looks somewhat possessive and sinister.

In Drop the World (1), Eli is seen running to a comic book store. He picks up Gothic Tales and starts smiling before buying every copy. He runs to school and shows Clare that he won the contest and that he put her name alongside his in his story. She seems a little scared but says thank you. He starts to talk about locking themselves in a room and working on their first novel together, and pulls her extremely close to her. Alli comes and Clare pulls away from Eli and talks about getting dresses for the Spring Fling. He tells her getting published was a lot more important and offends her when making fun of her wanting to go. She tells him that if he's not interested then not to come and walks away leaving Eli confused. In a paniced tone Eli catches Adam and tells him whenever Clare disagrees with him he panics. Ms. Oh tells Adam to come to class and Adam simply tells him not to worry about it. Later, Ms. Dawes calls Eli into her classroom and asks him if there's anything he would like to talk about. She tells him that sometimes writers use their own experiences and put them into their writing. He tells her "I'm not gonna kill Clare and drink her blood. I'm good." She stares at him for a while then says ok. Even though you could tell she was still not convinced. She tells him about the Gothic Convention in Bloomington and he thinks he should take Clare. He and his dad, Bullfrog go to Clare's house and asks her mom's permission. After she says no, he tells her that Clare is his best friend, and the most kind and patient person he knows. She then agrees that she can go. Then, Clare and Eli are laying on top of Morty when Clare jumps down, turns up the
File:Normal mo.jpg
radio, and starts dancing to a song she likes. After she stops Eli shows her the tickets to the convention. She is hesitant to go and Eli seems disappointed, but she agrees to go. Eli is still disappointed and puts on a fake smile. Then Eli, Bullfrog, and Adam are hunting. Eli keeps holding up his phone to see if Clare called him. Adam asks whats wrong and Eli tells him Clare wasn't as excited for the trip as he wanted. He thinks after the trip things will be perfect. Clare asks him to meet her at their "Special Bench". Clare tells Eli she gets why he's being so clingy and intense. She tells him he's not over Julia and he says he is over her. He continues to tell Clare it's about her and he'll prove it. She tells him they should take a small breather and he continues to argue with her. Clare tells him the spring break trip was a bad idea and walks away. Next Eli is seen at the abandoned church throwing wood and items. Then he hangs up a picture of him and Julia and starts screaming at it and says she ruined his life but won't anymore. Then he grabs a gun and shoots it.

In Drop the World
File:Eli In His Degrassi Uniform At Degrassi Smirking Possibly At Clare.jpg
 (2) Eli gets out of Morty and sees Clare and asks her if they could talk, he agrees to give her space. He opens the back door to Morty and grabs his bag and Clare sees the gun in Eli's car. She hugs Eli and asks if he would walk her to her locker. Eli is suprised by her sudden change of heart and hugs her back. Next they are in class and Adam asks why he isn't sitting with Clare, to which Eli replies he's giving her space. Adam says he didn't think that the word 'space' was in his vocabulary. His name gets called on the loud speaker and he leaves the class, looking puzzled. He asks his dad why he called him out of class and his dad begins to lecture him about bringing his gun to school. Eli explains to his dad that he only shot a picture of Julia and his dad tells him that it won't make Julia any "deader" and shooting is never a way to deal with things. Eli's dad takes away his keys as a punishment and Eli becomes upset because he wanted to go to the convention with Clare. Eli finds Clare in the library and begins telling Clare that him and his dad had a laugh and she asks what was so funny about bringing a gun to school. He lies to her and tells her that he left the gun in his car when him and his dad went hunting and she forgives him. Eli tells Clare to meet him at their special bench if she changes her mind about the roadtrip and she agrees. Later, Eli is seen leaving his house and starting Morty with a screwdriver and drives away. He is then seen waiting for Clare at their special bench and he becomes agitated, kicking a bouquet of flowers and pacing back and forth. After he realizes that she stood him up, he gets into Morty and calls her telling her that she ripped his heart out. Eli mentions the road trip and Clare tells him that she doesn't even like Morty and that she thinks they should break up. He tells her that they were meant to be together & even says that he loves her and that he'd just have to get rid of Morty. He then hangs up on Clare and proceeds to crash Morty, thinking the fact that he's doing it for her is romantic. He is seen at the hospital and Clare runs in asking him what he did. He
replies by saying that he crashed Morty and that it was worth it because she came. Eli says that he knew she would come and Clare tells him that he's manipul ting her. He says that denies this and Clare tells him that he scares her and that she can't be with him anymore, ending the relationship. Clare starts to leave and he grabs her wrist and she shakes him off and leaves. Eli watches Clare leave, with eyes full of sadness, as his dad comes in to comfort him.

Season 11Edit

In LoveGame, Eli returns to school in a leg brace and is seen using a cane. When he first talks to Clare, he seems to be over their breakup. Later at The Above The Dot, he gets yelled at by Clare for not caring at all for their breakup. But at the end, he explains to her that he is on pills prescribed by his therapist and claims that he has no emotions leaving Clare troubled.

In Cry Me A River (1), In Grade 11 Drama, Eli is seen in the background and later asking Ms. Dawes about an assignment. He seems displeased when Fiona leaves. Later Eli is also seen discussing with Adam about Dave.

In Cry Me A River (2), Eli is seen with Adam walking down a hallway and catching Dave in the girl's bathroom. Later Eli is seen talking to Fiona urging her to introduce a new theme of their play. The next day Eli and Fiona are walking into Degrassi talking about the play "Wicked,"and how it could be their new possible theme.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1) Eli begins talking to Adam about Clare. Clare then spots Eli and tells him she will be covering him on the play
Eli then is shown in Drama Club talking to Fiona. She says his idea is not very good. He disagrees and tells Ms.Dawes about his idea. She also agrees with Fiona. Eli then agrees to think of something else. When it is time for Eli to have his interview with Clare, Eli hesitates and tells Clare he must talk to Fiona. Eli then brings a letter to Fiona stating he does not want to write the play. Eli then quickly changes his mind when Fiona says that maybe scince Clare is in the Newspaper Club she could help him. Then, Eli is shown at home trying to write the play. He seems very nervous and kepts taking his Meds. Then he lays on his bed thinking. He falls asleep and Bullfrog wakes him up the next morning. The next scene, Eli is in Ms. Oh's classroom alone writing the play with Imogen standing in the corner watching him. He sees Clare and Jake talking outside. He gets very upset and smashes the computer on the floor. Imogen runs
File:Tumblr lp0srrM2RY1qct0ifo1 500.jpg
toward him warning him that Ms. Oh was coming. Both get nervous. Imogen then has a plan and jumps on the floor looking like she tripped over the computer cord. Eli is shocked. Ms. Oh comes in and gives Imogen a tissue for her bloody nose. Eli follows Imogen into the hallway asking who she is. She introduces herself and tells Eli about the things that have happened to him before break. Adam then comes over asking Eli, "Who's your friend?". Imogen then turns around with tampons in her nose. Adam asks if she is okay and Imogen says Eli had punched her. Adam leaves saying she's a 'psyhco' while Eli is left shocked and agrees with Adam disbelievingly.

In Dirt Off You Shoulder (2) Eli is sure that if he want's to deliver a well written play he has to take a break from his anti-anxiety pills. In order to do so he goes to Adam, begging him to take his pills from him for one day just until he finishes&nbsp

writing the play for his drama class. Adam dismisses him and refuses to take his pills away from him, and advises him to ask his doctor for different pills. Once Adam walks away Imogen rushes to Eli, takes his pills and walks off. In drama class, Eli promises both Fiona and Ms. Dawes that the play is nearly finished, when he still needs to write the whole thing. This makes Eli even more anxious, and he askes Imogen for his pills back. Imogen refuses to hand them back to him and offers to skip the rest of the day. After a few hours on the streets, Eli finally asks Imogen if he can go home. Imogen finishes drawing his portrait and tells him to draw her because it's a relaxing activity - so he does. Eli explains to Imogen that all though he doesn't want to be, he's still in love with Clare. Imogen tells him she will help him get over her by confronting her, so Imogen takes her things and walks off with Eli. Later on, Imogen walks out of a store dressed much like Clare. Imogen tells Eli that he shouldn't let Clare get away unscratched while he is struggling so much; so she tells Eli to pretend she's Clare and let the anger out. Firstly he thinks it's stupid, but then he starts shouting at her. They finish, and Imogen orders Eli to use his emotions in order to write a good play. The next day at school, Eli and Imogen are talking happily about the play Eli wrote when they run into Clare. Clare and Eli agree to meet for lunch to talk about the play for Clare's newspaper assignment. After school, Eli and Imogen go to the dot for drinks, and Imogen shows un-explainable knowledge on Eli's past year. Eli understands she was stalking him and starts shouting,&nbsp
File:Imogen and eli.jpg
but Imogen succeeds in calming him down. Later on, Eli shows the play in front of Fiona and she is very pleased and promises him an extension on the writing. After Fiona leaves Imogen enters the room clapping hands. She makes it obvious to Eli she wants more than friendship, and tells him that he should decide what he wants. As Eli and Clare meet for their interview, Eli, who is full of anxiety, explains what the play is about: "It's called Love Roulette - a tale of a high-school romance gone wrong." He then tells Clare about a manipulative lover who has become obsessed with a religious psycho. He asks Clare if it sounds familiar, and she answers telling him it's a lie. He tells her that he thought they broke up because of him but that now he knows the truth - it's because of her. Clare asks him if he's been taking his medication since he sounds crazy. He happily announces he hasn't, that he's better and that he doesn't love her any more. Clare, looking shocked says he needs help. At that moment Imogen arrives and Eli tells Clare he has all the help he needs. Eli then throws away his medication and walks off with Imogen.


In Paper Planes (1), Eli is seen telling Fiona about her bedbug infestation. He was also seen without his cane and his leg brace and cast for the first time since LoveGame.

In Paper Planes (2), Eli is seen in drama class with Fiona and notices that she is "glowing". When she tells him that she and Charlie got intimate he asks for the details jokingly. They then go into discussion about the celbration Charlie planned and Fiona tells Eli that she is scared that Charlie will run when she finds out the truth. Fiona then calls Eli a desperate romantic who writes plays for the exes. Eli then jokingly suggests that he write a play for Charlie to help her deal with Fiona's alcohol problem.

In Should've Said No (1), Eli is seen talking to Imogen while Clare is leaving a note on Jake's truck. Once he sees Clare, he deliberatly flirts with Imogen.


In U Don't Know (1), Eli is seen walking the hallways with Fiona, trying to find an actress for the role of Clara for the school play he is directing. Imogen comes up to the two after reading Eli's script, and makes it clear to Eli that she wants the part, but Eli is hesitant to make a decision, because playing a character based on Clare Edwards will be very "complex". Eli is auditioning actresses, and Imogen walks in, immediantly going into character. Eli is impressed, and the two share a kiss for the audition.

In U Don't Know (2), Eli and Fiona post the roles of the play on the board in theater. Imogen gets the role of Clara, and runs up to Eli, giving him a hug. He tells her to get off of him, and she makes it clear to him that she thinks they are in a relationship. Eli says that they aren't, and walks off. Later at Little Miss Steaks, Imogen called him to meet her there to run lines. When he shows up, Imogen tricks Eli into seeing Clare and Jake Martin kiss. Imogen continually calls him 'muffin', which causes him to yell "Stop calling me that!" before he runs out of the building. At the end of the episode, Eli is working on the set when he apologizes to Imogen. Imogen asks Eli why Jake is on the set, and Eli tells her that he's over it, and is giving Jake a chance. She thinks this means he will give her a chance at a relationship, but Eli admits to Imogen that when he saw Clare and Jake kissing, he realized that he isn't over Clare.

In Lose Yourself (1), Eli is acting friendly towards Jake on the set of Love Roulette, which scares Clare . When Clare goes to confront Eli about why he hates her and why he would want to ruin her relationship, Eli tells Clare that he doesn't, in fact, he hates him, and that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough, scaring Clare even more.
File:Eli's Smirk 2.png

In Lose Yourself (2), Eli asks Jake to do the read through of Love Roulette as Fritz. Clare sits in the read through because she is covering the play for the paper, and starts to yell at Eli because of what he put in the script, but Eli says nothing. Afterwards, he and Clare share a moment after she finds out that Eli changed it to Clara's being the hero instead of the bad guy, showing her that he has forgiven her for breaking up with him.

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Eli decides he wants to finally give Clare an interview about his play. However, he can't gather his thoughts once Jake walks into the Dot so he and Clare can go on their date they have planned. He decides to
cut the interview short once he realizes he isn't making sense, and Clare leaves confused and worried. He calls Imogen and asks her if she can come over to go over the script. They run through the lines, and Eli gets wrapped up in the script and his own mind. Eli accidently calls Imogen 'Clare', thinking she really is Clare. Imogen corrects Eli, saying that he meant Clara. He brushes off what she said to the side, and they end up making out.

File:Tumblr lq3e5eqn0L1qct0ifo1 1280.jpg
In Extraordinary Machine (2), Eli talks to Imogen before the play's dress rehearsal, and she thinks they are together. Eli says "The only thing keeping me from Clare is Jake", and Imogen looks upset, realizing that they aren't together. Later, Eli comes up with an idea to plant his pills into Jake's bag. Imogen blurts out "But what about us?!" and Eli responds with "You can't be with someone with someone between you". Imogen twists his words and thinks that if she gets rid of Clare, she will be able to have Eli, and Imogen volunteers to do plant the drugs, actually putting them in Clare's bag, not Jake's. Eli becomes enraged, and yells at Imogen, saying she's nothing to him. Eli devises a plan to get Clare off the hook, and tells Mr. Simpson that the pills were his, and that Clare was just holding them for him. Mr. Simpson asks Clare if it's
true, and she agrees, even though she was still mad. Mr. Simspon then tells Eli that he has to tell his parents about the incident, and Eli agrees. Before the play, he admits to Fiona that he's a mess and can't do it, but she makes him act anyway, since Imogen didn't show up. In the middle of the play, he looks out to Clare, who is staring at him, and he forgets his lines. Eli decides to tell the audience that although he changed the ending many times, it still won't be a happy ending. He goes on about how your mind will trick you, and that he was the one who was wrong and he was the one who hurt people, implying he was talking about his relationship with Clare. He starts to burn his script on stage while he cries, and everyone gives him a standing ovation, including Clare, who is also crying. After the play, Bullfrog and Eli have a talk about why he isn't taking his pills and that Bullfrog is afraid that he might lose Eli if he doesn't stop what he's doing. Eli comes to the conclusion that he wants to get better for himself, not Clare. Bullfrog pulls Eli out of Degrassi for a couple days for some "family therapy". Eli leaves Degrassi smiling while Clare watches him go.

In Don't Panic (1), Eli and his therapist are talking about his Bipolar disorder. He is then seen making an apology list and tells Bullfrog that he wants to make peace with them. Eli gives Fiona a trophy with the Best Supporting Actress award to receive forgiveness from her. She accepts and they have a talk. He and Jake become project partners in History class, however, its bittersweet since Jake doesn't want to be his partner. Even though Eli asked for forgiveness, Jake wont have it. Eli later comes up with an idea after seeing Jake and Clare have a fight in the hallway. The idea is to help Jake learn what makes Clare tick.

In Don't Panic (2), Eli helps Clare and Jake fix the rough patch after he, along with Fiona, traps them in a sweat lodge. Later, he apologizes to Imogen about hurting her feelings, and says he could make things up to her by taking her out to coffee.

In Take a Bow (1) Fiona asks Eli to go to prom as friends, but he tells her he can't because Adam signed them up to be waiters. He then rolls across a locker with Fiona and encourages her to ask Charlie to prom.

In Dead and Gone (2) Eli is seen serving food to the graduates with Adam. Later he is dancing with the crowd. When Vince shows up unexpectedly and
shoots Adam, Eli catches him. After Vince runs off, Eli and Clare are seen kneeling next to Adam. Eli calls out to Drew to show him that his brother got injured. When Adam is placed on the ambulance stretcher, Drew asks Eli and Clare if they will ride with him to the hospital. They agree. In a hospital hallway, Eli jokes with Adam about how girls like scars. When Audra shows up, Eli and Clare give her a moment alone with Adam. Clare gets a text from Jake which is clearly upsetting and after saying her relationship with Jake has gotten complicated, she shows Eli the text. He says he's sorry that they have broken up and Clare says she guesses it wasn't meant to be. They smile at each other, hinting that they might get back together sometime in the future.

In Nowhere to Run, Eli is first seen biking up to a table at The Dot where Jake, Alli, Marisol, Drew, and Katie are discussing the cabin party they're planning for the end of the summer. Later, he is seen with Clare in the woods, trying to calm her down after accidentally scaring her. He later gives her his jacket, explaining that he took a bus to the nearest city, then biked the rest of the way to the cabin. He is then seen in the cabin with Drew, both becoming visibly frightened when they see something in the woods, which later turns out to be Glen and Helen Martin. The next morning, Clare asks him if he wants to ride back to Toronto with her and Jake. He gladly accepts the offer, and they thus leave the cabin in Jake's truck.

In Underneath It All (1) , Eli suggests that Fiona should invite Imogen to her exclusive party.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1) Eli meets Fiona at the dot and reveals he has a crush on Imogen and dosen't want to hurt her again.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Eli is set up on a date with Imogen at Fiona's loft.

In Need You Now (1), Eli feels his bipolar disorder is under control and disagrees when Bullfrog says he should hold off on dating for a while. When Imogen shows Eli her senior art project — a mural about mental illness, featuring his portrait — he lashes out and accidentally breaks her camera.

In Need You Now (2), Eli catches Imogen in a lie and thinks she must be cheating on him. Adam’s advice is to play it cool, but Eli is obsessed with finding out the truth. Will spying on Imogen ease his worries — or ruin their new relationship?


  • Eli's first name was inspired by Ellie Nash.
  • Eli is an atheist.
  • Eli is the second character that:
    • Lost a loved one named Julia. The first was Joey.
    • Was nicknamed Emo Boy. The first was Jesse, and the third was Sav.
    • Smashed a vehicle on purpose. The first was Paige.
    • Purposely smashed a computer. The first was Sean.
    • Was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. The first was Craig.
  • Eli and Clare have matching helix piercings.
  • Eli crashed his hearse named Morty into a wall to save his and Clare's relationship, although she ended up breaking up with him after the incident.
  • Both of Eli's current closest friends are part of the LGBT community. Adam is a FTM transgender, and Fiona is a lesbian.
  • Eli is one of seven characters with a mental disability, his being Bipolar Disorder. The other six are:

To see the full list of main characters with neuropsychiatric disorders, click here.

  • Both of his first relationships ended on April 22.
  • Eli is Degrassi's first hoarder.
  • Eli is currently taking spinning classes
  • His Twitter
  • He has a crush on Imogen Moreno.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • {In Breakaway (2)}: "I think they're dead." (first line) (referring to Clare's glasses)
  • {In Breakaway (2)}: (To Clare): "You have pretty eyes."
  • {In Better Off Alone (1)}: "...Something that pisses you off." (Clare): "Besides my English partner?" Eli: "OUCH!"
  • {In Better Off Alone (2)}: (Eli): "So what you're saying is my plan worked..." (Clare): "Could you be more smug?" (Eli): "Absolutely!"
  • {In Try Honesty (1)}: (To Fitz): "Tell me something. What were you thinking when you got that haircut? No, no seriously, were there auditions for a Planet of the Apes remake I didn't hear about?"
  • {In Try Honesty (1)}: (Fitz): "Elii.." (Eli): "Two syllables. Good, good for you."
  • {In Still Fighting It (2)}: "I can't just be friends with you, Clare. I like you too much."
  • {In Purple Pills (1)}: (Adam): "I don't want your pity." (Eli): Don't be such a girl!"
  • {In Umbrella (1)}: (Clare): "If Jesus loves me, why would why would he want me to go through this?" (Luke): "It's all a part of his plan." (Eli): "His plan sucks."
  • {In When Love Takes Over}: (Referring to Fiona): (Eli): "You liiike her!" (Adam): "Stop it." (Eli): " (Mouths): *Okay.* ...You LOOOVE her." (Adam): "Do not."
  • {In Drop the World (1)}: (To a picture of Julia): "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! Clare hates me because of you! You ruined my life! *picks up and aims gun* Not anymore..." (shoots the picture)
  • {In Drop the World (2)}: (To Clare): "You ripped my HEART OUT!!!"
  • {In Drop the World (2)}: "Growing apart?! Any other melodramatic cliches you wanna throw my way?!"
  • {In U Don’t Know (2)}: (To Imogen about Jake): "You keep your friends close. Enemies closer."
  • {In Lose Yourself (2)}: (Clare): "You made Clara the hero." (Eli): "That's because she is the hero."
  • {In Extraordinary Machine (2)}: (To audience): "No matter how much all of you want a happy ending, you can't have it! I tried to write one, but it's impossible. I rewrote and rewrote, but things kept changing. And I hurt people and I....I knew they were hurt, but I didn't stop. Because your mind tricks you. It TRICKS you into thinking that things are fine, they're not fine. Nothing is fine. It's all wrong! ..I'm all wrong... That's it... There's no happy ending."
  • {In Extraordinary Machine (2)}: Imogen: "But you still have me." (Eli): "No, you did this on purpose! Don't you get it, Imogen?! You are to me what I am to Clare, and I am nothing to her!!!"
  • {In Don't Panic (1)}: (To his therapist): "Maybe I should stay home a few more days... I don't want to cut off an ear."
  • {In Dead and Gone (2)}: (waiting tables): "More breeeead?" (Adam): "Don't all fill up on it. (Looks at Eli) ...Awkward."
  • {In Nowhere to Run}: (to Clare): "So, did I ruin an intense game of hide and seek?" (Clare laughs): No. (Eli): So may I ask: Why did you run into the dark forest by yourself?" (Clare): Let's just say a certain someone moved on before I had a chance to talk to him. (Eli): Stop. You're overwhelming me with details. (Clare): Isn't it weird to be glad you're the one to find me. (Eli chuckles and smiles).
  • "And you're not worried about sending her into cardiac arrest?"
  • "Do you think we could ever pick up where we left off?"
  • (To Imogen and Fiona) It's time to perfect revenge on Katie and Marisol


Main article: Eli-Julia Relationship
  • Julia
    • Start Up: Prior to April 22, 2009
    • Break Up: April 22, 2009
      • Reason: After getting into a heated argument with Eli, Julia was hit by a car and died on impact.
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