Clare Edwards
Full Name Clare Diana Edwards
Nickname(s) Clare Bear

Saint Clare Propmaster Clare Clarebelle Little Edwards Edwards Miss Edwards

Gender Female
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Family Darcy Edwards (Sister)

Helen Martin (Mother)

Randall Edwards (Father) Glen Martin (Step-Father) Jake Martin (Step-Brother)

Relationships K.C. Guthrie (Ex-Boyfriend)Eli Goldsworthy (Ex-Boyfriend)

Jake Martin (Ex-Boyfriend)

Job Student


School(s) Unnamed Christian School

Degrassi Community School

Affiliation(s) The Degrassi Daily
First Episode Eyes Without A Face (1) - 6.05
Portrayed By Aislinn Paul

Clare Diana Edwards is currently a junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School, and the younger sister of former Degrassi student, Darcy Edwards. She is the daughter of Randall Edwards and Helen Martin, the latter who recently married Glen Martin, causing him to become her step-father and Jake Martin to become her step-brother. She is best friends with Alli Bhandari, Jenna Middleton and Adam Torres (Before he passed away over the summer). She is close friends with Drew Torres, Imogen Moreno and Connor Delauire. She is on good terms with Zoe Rivas. She is portrayed by Aislinn Paul.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 6Edit

Clare made her first appearance in Eyes Without a Face. She is frequently seen watching television in the same room with her sister Darcy while she is on the computer constantly updating her MyRoom page account. Clare always tries to see what Darcy is doing, Darcy proceeds to describe her as annoying. Clare is also seen as the "Goody Two Shoes".

When Darcy invites Spinner into her room, Clare reminds her that their mother doesn't allow boys over when she is not home, however Darcy ignores her. Later, She is seen walking home with Darcy when the two encounter Adams. Clare can tell something is not right and hurries inside to call the 911 after Darcy mouths it to her. Clare is later seen comforting Darcy.

Season 7Edit

In Standing In The Dark (2), Clare is seen in the hospital after Darcy's suicide attempt. She clearly looks distraught about what her sister has done, but doesn't make an effort to try and figure out what went wrong by asking Peter or Manny, whom she hasn't met, of what happened. She merely stayed with her mother, and stayed quiet.

Season 8Edit

File:1223697536 8794 full.jpeg

In Season 8 of Degrassi, Clare is a new freshman in the gifted class, along with Alli Bhandari, K.C. Guthrie, and Connor Deslauriers. She graduated from a private Christian school and is now attending Degrassi, along with her older sister, Darcy. Clare wore her uniform to school every day because she didn't care what other people thought of her, and only had a desire to learn at Degrassi, not to impress boys.

In Uptown Girl (2), in order to prove that she doesn't care what other people think, K.C. dares her to do a talent in front of the whole cafeteria. She sings a hymn, but she is mortified when people start booing and throwing food at her. K.C. later apologizes, saying it's normal to care what other people think, and begins to show a romantic interest in her.

In Fight the Power, Clare's sister Darcy leaves for Kenya to help build schools there. Clare is seen giving presents from Darcy to all of her friends. Clare gives one to Jane, and tells her she is her and Alli's hero for being the only girl on the football team.

File:Normal degrassi tng s08e05 hdtv xvid-2hd 0063.jpg
In Man With Two Hearts, Clare and Alli are studying at Mr. Simpson's house, when they discover a vibrator under Spike's bed. It ends up getting taken to school. In class, Connor steps on Clare's bag, where the vibrator is. Mr.Armstrong believes it to be a cell phone until he opens the bag to find the purple penis-shaped vibrator. Alli tries to convince him it's a robot, but he asks "Do I look like I was born yesterday?" Alli then jokes, saying "Depends...How old are you?" Clare's mom is called up by the shep and demands she tell her why she is using it. Clare says she is not and she just bought it with her own money. Mrs.Edwards does not want to talk to Clare about it. Later, her mother apologizes, and asks Clare if she has any questions, which she does. The next day, Clare and Alli discuss what happened, and Clare says it was unquestionably awkward. Holly J. insults Clare, saying "Starting with sex toys early, Little Edwards? What would Jesus say?" However, Clare comes back at
File:Clare 15vvv.jpg
her, replying "that masturbation is normal and nobody shoud be embarassed about it. And maybe if you tried it once in a while you wouldn't be so mean." This causes several people outside, including Alli to laugh, while an irritated Holly J scoffs and walks away.

In Lost in Love, both K.C. and Connor ask her to the Sweetheart Dance. The two boys start fighting over Clare, only to have her deny them both. Later on, she regrets this decision and decides to go with K.C., making Connor feel rejected. Connor puts Clare in a tight spot by asking her to go with him in front of the whole school, and She awkwardly accepts.At the dance, Connor forces Clare on the dance floor, though it is obvious she does not want to be there. She tells Connor she will be back and leaves the dance room. On her way out, she bumps into K.C., who asks her to dance with him. She agrees and they dance comfortably for awhile. However, the moment is short lived when Connor barges in, whining that Clare was his date to the dance. He storms off in fury and Clare follows. Later on, Clare finds K.C. and tells him she's not ready for a relationship. K.C. accepts her answer.

In Causing a Commotion, Clare is surprised by Connor's strange behavior, but sticks by him anyway. She starts to protest against The Shep, who expelled Connor, although knowing he has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. K.C. and Alli mistakenly film her talking to the Shep about letting Connor back into Degrassi; they decide to air The Shep calling Clare a bitch, and they show it to the school at The Shep's ceremony for Principal of the Year. The Shep is sent to sensitivity training, for numerous reasons. Much to Clare's pleasure, Connor is let back into Degrassi. Because of their contradicting beliefs about Connor and Clare's fear of being judged, Alli and Clare both went their separate ways.


In Heat of the Moment, when Alli starts a hate group about Holly J. on Facerange, Clare strongly disapproves and tries to convince her to just ignore Holly J. and her hostile remarks.

In Jane Says (2), Clare finally stops wearing her Catholic school uniform, and begins wearing Darcy's old clothes, which results in getting her attention from many boys. Alli gets jealous when boys pay more attention to Clare than her, but Alli ends up apologizing to her and does not mind when Clare decides to keep her new look.

In Touch of Grey, Clare then finds out K.C.'s secret, he lives in a group home because of something he did at his old school with his friends. Clare is still shown to care about about him, even if he doesn't think so.

In Heart of Glass, we only see Clare a few times - in the beginning, being doubtful of what Alli wants to do and trying to talk her out of it, and afterward, being supportive and helpful.

In Danger Zone, things between K.C. and Clare are still rocky. K.C assumes that Clare would judge him, so fueled by his hurt feelings he initiates fights with Clare about his past. Connor is puzzled by the fighting, and when prompted by Alli to fix it, invites Clare and K.C over without either of them aware of the other's attendance. He attempts to repair their relationship by locking them in his basement/room, which doesn't go over well. K.C flees the house. Clare is next seen at the black and white dance talking to Connor about K.C. She feels hurt and questions why he is still acting like an idiot. Connor responds by telling her than K.C. likes her. Clare finally realizes how much K.C cares for her, and gets Connor to lock him in a room with her again. K.C initially thinks Connor planned it all out, but Clare explains that this time it was her idea. She then goes on to say that she understand why they are always fighting, she explains that they were afraid that if they stopped they would kiss. Except instead of saying the word "kiss", she actually tries to kiss him. K.C rejects the kiss, and Clare, thinking that she had it all wrong attempts to leave the room, close to tears. K.C stops her just in time and tells her she was right. They finally share their first kiss, promoting the start of their relationship.

Season 9Edit

In Just Can't Get Enough, Clare arrives at Degrassi with her best friend, Alli, in order to finish her
File:Degrassi Clare.jpg
freshman year. But when new girl Jenna Middleton asks Clare to hang out after school, she tells her that she and Alli are doing a homework-T.V. night and feels obligated to invite her. Alli gets mad, but grudgingly lets Jenna hang out with them. Jenna tells Alli and Clare that she used to be a boyfriend stealer at her old school and tells Clare she thinks K.C. is "so cute." This makes both Clare and Alli uneasy, but Jenna promises she won't even look at him.

In Shoot to Thrill, Clare tries to convince Alli that Johnny isn't a good person. When he sends Alli's naked pictures to his friend, Bruce, Clare is proven correct.

In You Be Illin', Alli doesn't tell Clare about the STD Johnny could possibly have given her because she doesn't want Clare to judge her. When Clare finds Jenna and Alli scheming against Johnny, Alli reluctantly tells her about what happened, and Clare is surprisingly willing to help them in their scheme of embarrassing him in front of the whole school. In the end, their plan goes unexpectedly well, with Johnny admitting that he still has feelings for Alli.

In Heart Like Mine (1), Clare starts to get jealous of Jenna's promiscuous behavior around K.C. The first signs are when K.C. hugs Jenna before Clare when he wins the game. Clare asks K.C. for a hug and a twirl too in a cute sarcastic puppy tone. K.C. sighs and she says at least a kiss. At the car wash Clare can't put her jealousy to a rest when she sees K.C. and Jenna fighting with the water. When Clare tells K.C. that he is playing with Jenna more than her, K.C. soaks her with the hose. Clare starts playing around until K.C goes back to playing around with Jenna. She angrily makes a rude comment towards Jenna, and K.C. asks her what her problem is. Later on, Clare and K.C break off their relationship because he is starting to like Jenna, leaving Clare heart broken.

In Heart Like Mine (2), Clare and Alli decide to cut Jenna out. Later, Clare sees hyper and alarmed K.C and asked him what was wrong with him. But she doesn't notice him holding the gun in his bag. He says he's sorry for everything and nervously walks away.

In Holiday Road, Clare is seen with Alli asking Emma about University life.

In Start Me Up,Declan and Clare are seen talking about different countries' cultures. Clare is then seen rushing with Alli around the halls and to the class. Clare then presents her story on different countries' culture. They sound suspiciously like what Declan told her about the cultures. The next day, Alli and Clare are again seen zooming through the halls to the girls' room. Clare pulls out a lacy bra and plans to get "interesting". Alli is holding her books and drops them. She picks up Clare's notebook and reads the story about K.C. whom she wants to get back with. Alli wants her to tell the story, but Clare says it isn't finished. She still has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back.

In Innocent When You Dream', Clare is having a dream about Declan, In which She is a gorgeous vampire. Just as things are getting steamy between the two, Clare wakes up. After waking up, Clare opens her vampire book and starts reading. That following day Clare walks into school with Alli and she tells Alli her vampire dreams about Declan. When Chantay is late for play practice, Declan asks Clare to help them rehearse for Chantay's role while she is absent. Clare is nervous and trips when Declan performs the kiss scene on her. She tries her best and practices until Chantay returns. A little after, Clare feels like she is a pervert and says she couldn't help taking Declan's sweatshirt, Alli sees the sweatshirt and tells Clare she is maturing. While in Media Immersions, Alli catches Clare typing vampirish stories about Declan on her laptop. When Alli reads it, she tells Clare it's really good and suggests putting it on the fan fiction website for the vampire books they read. Clare feels it's a good idea and copies and pastes the story on the fan fiction website under the screen-name "Madame Degrassi". When the forums and a few people at Degrassi read Madame Degrassi's posts (including Holly J.), they find
File:Tumblr lg9rv63bEM1qdoiato1 400.png
them interesting and want more. Clare continues to have sexy vampire dreams about Declan and writes stories about him as well. Also, she tells Declan she found his sweatshirt in the back and gives it to him. The next day, at Connor's party, Alli is in charge of spicing things up and picks two random names out of a basket and whoever's names are called are the two who make out in the corner for 7 minutes. When Clare and a guy name Wesley's names are picked, and they go in the closet. Clare wants to get things over with and starts to make out with him, while kissing she thinks of Declan and her being the vampire. She then by mistake gives Wesley a hickey via biting him on the neck. After leaving the party to mourn over her embarrassment at The Dot, Alli follows her and tries to cheer her up. When Clare says that the "Fortnight" books are making her a pervert and tries to give them to Alli, and accidentally makes a snide comment about her. causing Alli to leave. The next day, while showing Declan the props she made she accidentally kisses him on the neck, she runs away embarrassed. Later on, she apologizes to Alli. Declan and Holly J. discover she's Madame Degrassi. Holly J. appears when Clare is alone, and Clare begs Holly J not to killer her. Holly J says she thought about it but she talked with Declan, luckily for Clare. She aks Clare why she took down her vampire fan-fiction as she thought it was really good, but Clare replies it may be good but she is still a pervert. Holly J says it is just puberty, and if fantasizing about Declan keeps her from kissing him in the real world, then she should by all means keep writing. Declan appears and Clare apologizes, and he accepts. They all agree to forget it happened and everything goes smoothly. The episode ends with Clare in her vampire fantasy world once again, and she hisses at the camera.

In In Your Eyes, Clare wants to be friendlier with Jenna and K.C. again. When, K.C. needs help studying for the final exam, Clare feels it's her perfect opportunity to help. She offers to tutor K.C. K.C. agrees to it, and appreciates it. After, a few weeks of studying and practicing, Jenna comes to The Dot to see K.C. and Clare studying. When, Jenna kisses K.C., Clare is jealous. When Clare leaves, Jenna tells K.C. that since Clare is a friend he should ask her to cheat off of her on the final exam. When, exam day comes before entering class K.C. confronts Clare and asks her if he could copy her. Clare doesn't understand because it isn't a right thing to do, and they can get kicked out of the gifted program if caught. But, reluctantly during the exam Clare gives the answers to K.C. when Coach Armstrong isn't looking. Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K.C. to use Clare to cheat, and Clare told K.C. and Jenna to not talk to her ever again because they used her. The next day in class K.C. tells Coach Armstrong that he cheated off of Clare on the exam and that it is all his fault. That night at The Dot, Clare sees K.C. and asks him why he did what he did, he tells her because he wanted to be friends again really badly, and that when they were studying together he felt like they were friends again. Also, K.C. blames Jenna for giving him the idea to cheat. Clare becomes more frustrated and tells him that he can't just blame everything on everyone else but himself, and tells him that she'll see him in September.

Season 10Edit

In What a Girl Wants (1), Clare is back at Degrassi as a sophomore with a cute new haircut and she's excited to see her best friend Alli Bhandari again. She is ranked #3 on Dave's Hottest Girls List.

In What a Girl Wants (2), Clare is very angry with Alli Bhandari for making a "loser" list and making Dave #1 loser. She sits Alli down at The Dot and tells her she needs to apologize to Dave, and just because she's #42 on Dave's hottest girls list, it won't affect her in the future, saying she is just being hypersensitive.

In Breakaway (1), Clare is excited to tell Alli that she is getting laser surgery on her eyes to let her not wear glasses. They don't know it, but Jenna overhears them and thinks Clare is bragging about getting breast enhancement. Throughout the day, Clare is confronted by Jenna, who tells her that she's too young and that she looks good already. Clare is flabbergasted and doesn't know what she's talking about, so she tells Jenna that she should mind her own business since she already stole K.C. from her.

In Breakaway (2), Clare is still confused as to what everyone is talking about; she goes to gym after her laser eye surgery and shows Alli. Later on that day, Wesley asks her about her surgery, asking if he can touch them, referring to her breasts. Clare is confused, but tells him he allows him agrees. Wesley then touches her breasts, and Clare jumps away, yelling at him. Wesley explains everything and apologizes, saying that Jenna started everything, before running away. The next day in gym, Clare and Alli walk in together, prepared to get even with Jenna. Clare stuffs her bra with socks and walks up to Jenna, unzipping her jacket. Jenna goes off on how she should never do this, because it's slutty and unnecessary, and how she thinks it's an attempt to get K.C. back. Clare takes out the socks and hands them to Jenna, explaining everything to her. Jenna reluctantly apologizes, asking if Clare would like her to tell everyone she made it up. She says that people can think what they want, she doesn't care. She also says she wouldn't need fake boobs to win K.C. back. before turning around and smiling at K.C. Later on, Clare considers wearing her glasses again, as no one has noticed her surgery, but
Alli disagrees. The glasses are accidentally flung onto the road, getting run over by a hearse. The new boy, Eli, gets out and hands them back to Clare. She tells him she recently had eye surgery and doesn't need them anymore, and he compliments her eyes. He then drives away, and Clare throws her glasses away into a nearby trash can, feeling confident and excited.

In 99 Problems (1), Clare and Alli are talking about where they're going to sit during lunch, but Clare tells her she has a meeting. Alli sees Jenna with a bunch of friends, and she says she wishes she could be like that: having a lot of friends and being "popular". Later, Alli and Clare are at The Dot, and Alli tells Clare how embarrassed she was at the try-outs. Clare tells her she should make her own club and see if anyone joins. Alli says she'll make a dance club and try to destroy the Power Squad, to which as Clare replies jokingly to "not mention that on the poster."

In 99 Problems (2), Sav announces Alli and her no-show dance club to perform. Alli states she was pathetic and if anyone would join to dance with her, please do. Clare, being a good friend, goes up to dance with her. Seeing this, a few more people join them such as Wesley and Dave.

File:Eli and clare class season 10 degrassi.jpg
In Better Off Alone (1), Eli becomes Clare's English partner for the semester. His writing is said to be "a little wordy", and he is to help Clare with her writer's block. The next day, before English starts, Clare hands her paper to Eli and lets him review it. Since Clare isn't ready to hand in the paper, Eli convinces her to skip class. While outside sitting on a bench, she confides in him about her parents marriage problems. He tells her to write about it, but she refuses, arguing that it's too personal. He then tells her that she cares too much about what people think. He makes her scream in public to prove she doesn't care what other people think. When she does, she says that its now his turn, but he declines saying that its not his style. The two begin to play fight, and end up laughing and looking into each others eyes while Eli holds Clare's wrists. Eli frees Clare from his grip and they look at each other awkwardly, exchanging embarrassed glances. Later that night, Eli IM's Clare asking her to hang out, but she declines, as her mother asked if she would like to take her father's place and go to the church fundraiser.

File:Clare and eli.png
In Better Off Alone (2), while Clare's mom is driving her to school, Clare begins to question what is going on with her parents lately, but her mother does not give her a serious answer. Later, Eli makes a joke about why they didn't hang out the night before, but Clare blurts out the current situation with her parents. He asks if she's mentioned her feelings towards her parents fighting to them, and she said she did, but they didn't want to talk. When they are sitting in English, they receive detention for skipping class to work, and Ms. Dawes tells Clare to read her assignment to the class. Clare begins to read it, but cannot finish, as she is on the verge of tears. Eli suggests that she read it at the school showcase, and Clare rejects the idea, saying it is personal, but Ms. Dawes still insists and signs her up. On the day of the showcase, she gets cold feet and leaves. At h
ome, Clare gives the report to her mother to read, who is surprised Clare is feeling this way about their parents. She walks outside while her parents are talking, only to see Eli on her steps. They have a conversation about about how she told her mother, and Eli ends up apologizing about interfering and promises not to do it again. Clare tells him that he can interfere sometimes, but she's still going to do whatever she wants.

In Try Honesty (1), Clare and Eli are seen walking out of class when Fitz suddenly slams Adam into the locker, asking him if he's figured out what he's looking at yet. Adam says he still can't identify the smell, and Fitz prepares to break his nose, but Eli intervenes, taunting him about the way he looks and smells. The fight is broken up, and Eli tells both Adam and Clare that he refuses to be the victim to Fitz's bullying, but Clare thinks he should just ignore him. The next day, Eli meets up with Clare, and he says that ignoring Fitz would be unsatisfying, but Clare says there's no
File:Eli and Clare2.png
pointing getting violent. He says that's a matter of opinion, and Clare tells him that he can do what he wants, that he doesn't need to impress her. Eli asks her what makes her think he's trying to impress her, and she just smiles at him. He then says that he'll try to smooth thing over and Clare, pleased, says that she knows that he's smart. Fitz then interrupts them, and Eli makes a snarky remark. Fitz then says that he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut, and Eli offers a truce if Fitz will only apologize for damaging his car. Fitz begins to apologize, but then kicks Eli in his personal area. Eli falls to the ground, and Clare tries to help him. Fitz says he "apologized" and leaves. Eli asks Clare if it's still a good idea to not to punch him, but Clare says it will only make things worse.

In Try Honesty (2), everything seems to be okay when Fitz gives Eli a light punch on the arm in the hallway, while he's talking to Clare. Clare seems pleased that Eli has made peace with Fitz, but he says that he's going to finish what Fitz started and walks away, leaving Clare confused. Clare turns around to Adam and says that someone needs to stop Eli if he's going to do something bad. Adam just states that she should stay out of it, because he has a big surprise in
File:Clare El Aww.png
store for Fitz, and Then Clare walks away.Clare touches Eli's chin, noticing his split lip, and asks him what happened. He tells her that the police had to break up a fight, since Fitz had the name of a convicted arsonist on his fake ID, he was arrested. Clare, shocked by the fact Eli had Fitz arrested, begins to walkaway. Eli reassures her that when they clear out the mistaken identity, he'll be released. Still uncertain, Eli says that the worst that will happen to him is that he'll get busted for fake ID possession and that he might have to go to court. She says that he is going to be really mad, and Fitz walks up behind them. Clare walks behind Eli, and Fitz calmly says that Eli pulled a nice trick. Eli says that the ID was for novelty purposes only and that he hoped he had learned his lesson. Fitz says unfortunately for Eli, he's a slow learner and bumps Eli while walking away. Clare asks if the two are now at war, and Eli states he's right where he wants to be, in Fitz's head.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Clare is first seen criticizing Eli's work, saying 'Clara Edwin' is a floozy, and tells Eli to re-do it. Then, she is seen bumping into Adam who has tampons and drops them on the floor. When she helps him pick them up she asks him why he has them. Fitz and Owen walks by and Adam says "Ew, Clare pick up your stuff that's nasty." Clare goes along with it. Adam then over hears Clare telling Eli about the situation. Adam comes over and tell them both that he is FTM, female to male transgender.&nbsp {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Adam is being walked down the hall by a teacher, and the teacher allows him to sit down with Clare and Eli, who seem to not have a problem with Adam being transgender. Adam informs Clare and Eli that his family has never really accepted him and that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. After class, "Gracie" is sitting outside, lighting a hair clip with a lighter and burning himself, when Clare walks by and tries to stop her. Clare comforts her and says that she doesn't have to be Gracie if it doesn't make her happy and that everyone has to change, not him. Later, Clare attends the bonfire with Eli, Adam, Drew, and Mr. and Mrs. Torres, as Adam burns the clothes that belonged to "Gracie".

In Still Fighting It (1), In English class, Eli, Clare and Adam work on a project together: to modernize the play Romeo and Juliet. Clare says to Adam that she wants to take the next step with Eli. After class, the group reenacts the famous Death Scene, where Clare and Eli finally share their first kiss. Clare asks if they should do a retake, but Eli looks at Adam, who appears annoyed, so he says "I think we got it." The next day, Clare goes to her desk really happy. When Eli comes in, she asks him if he wants to hang out, but he ignores her. Confused, she asks
Adam if she smells. Clare is later seen replaying the film footage, and then asking her teacher about why Romeo acted hot one day and cold the next. Her teacher told her there was lack of communication, so Clare decides to talk to Eli. She tells him there's something between them, but he only tells her that he's sorry he led her on.

In Still Fighting It (2), Eli skips English class and seems to be avoiding Clare. Clare, upset and confused, changes the ending to their Romeo and Juliet remake so that Juliet doesn't end her life and gives up on Romeo.
She turns to Adam for help and asks him to question Eli. Though Adam talks to Eli, he refuses to tell Clare anything other than Eli's address. Clare rides her bike over to see Eli and asks him why he doesn't like her. When Eli won't tell her and says that them being apart is for the best, Clare is upset and says that she can't be around him anymore. Finally, Eli caves
and they go for a ride in his hearse. Eli confesses that a year ago he had a nasty fight with his girlfriend, Julia, who biked away angrily in the night, got hit by a car, and died. Eli admits he really likes Clare, but feels responsible for Julia's death. He thinks he doesn't deserve Clare, and feels that distancing himself from her is the only way to avoid hurting her. He says, "It's not fair. Why should I get to be happy?". The next day Clare, Eli, and Adam turn in the original version of their remake (where the two kiss). Clare and Eli seem to be back on good terms (flirting again), and Clare agrees to give Eli some time to deal with his issues about Julia.

In Purple Pills (1), Clare is seen waiting for Eli at The Dot when Adam comes in, and starts accusing Eli for bailing on 'guys night'. In a later scene, Clare is sitting with Eli in the lunchroom while they watch Adam sit down at Fitz's table instead of theirs.

In Purple Pills (2), Clare was seen with Eli telling Adam his plan of fighting with Fitz was stupid. Mean while Alli and other Grade 10 students were writing an important exam, Clare is seen lighting a stink bomb and rolling it into the gym, causing the smoke alarm to set off and the school to evacuate, which gives Eli and Adam time to run away and thus stops the fight between the boys and Fitz.

In All Falls Down (1), Clare is seen hiding from Principal Simpson, afraid that she would be caught after she disrupted exams. After being comforted by then Eli who tells
File:45163 123405517708478 100001170910313 130433 3751207 n.jpg
Principal Simpson that it was Fitz who set off the stink bomb and Clare went along with it, Eli then tells Clare she needs to thank him for lying for her. She replies "What did you have in mind?" He lets his eyes wonder for a moment and says 'Well I don't know.." Eli leans in and kisses her very deeply while she just stands there. They look at each other for a moment, then Eli says awkwardly "I have a French exam.." Clare, still in shock from the kiss, replies "I think you just passed it" Later on Clare was then seen talking to Alli before her exam discussing her relationship with Eli. After the exam Clare confronts Eli about their relationship and she asks if their together and he says yes, in which they decide to go to the Dance that night. After Clare bought the tickets she was told by Fitz that if she went to the Dance with him, he would leave Adam and Eli alone, to which Clare agreed. After telling Eli about what happened he seemed upset but went along with it. While at Clares house Jenna, Ali and Clare discuss the situation until Eli comes and tries to make Clare poison Fitz with Ipecac. Clare declines despite Eli telling her that Fitz wants to have sex with her and tell Eli that poisoning Fitz would not stop the violence.

In All Falls Down (2), Clare finds her date, Fitz, with a corsage near his locker. She asks him if he had brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Their conversation quickly swifts to the on-going feud that is happening between Fitz and Eli, and Clare asks Fitz if he would be willing to end the&nbsp

feud if Eli would apologize. Fitz decides he would, but only if such condition is met (Eli's apology). Clare is then shown to speak with Eli, and to much of her relief, succeeds in convincing Eli to apologize, assuming the on-going feud between Fitz and Eli would finally come to an end. Eli proposes a toast, Clare gets suspicious and asks Eli and Fitz to switch cups. Fitz proceeds to take a drink, and he starts vomiting then violently, indicating that he has just been poisoned. Eli laughs, and Clare tells Eli that whatever happens next, he deserves it. Meanwhile, after Clare had finally found Fitz to apologize for Eli's actions, she realizes that Fitz has a knife in his possession. She runs to Adam, informing him that Fitz has a knife, and that he should tell Mr. Simpson while she
looks for Eli. When Mr. Simpson finds out he immediately puts the school on lockdown, and the police arrive shortly after. Clare finally finds Eli and warns him that Fitz has a knife, but Eli doesn't really care. Fitz approaches them with the knife, and acts as if he was going to stab Eli, but he stabs the wall instead. Eli is terrified, and the cops arrest Fitz. While Fitz was being escorted to the police car, Clare and Eli are seen coming out of the school together. She then informs Eli that if he keeps seeking trouble and can't change his attitude that she can't be with him. They then come clean to Mr. Simpson about everything including the fact that Clare was the one who set off the stink bomb and that they lied to him. Mr. Simpson is seriously agitated at the students actions at the dance and then proceeds to tell them that there will be consequences and that when they return to Degrassi, they won't recognize the school at all.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (1) Clare and Alli are seen at the entrance discussing there situation that occurred in the Boiler Room between her and Owen, when Drew shows up. Clare tells Alli to stay strong. After Alli and Drew have their conversation, Clare and Alli walk together to their class. Later during the morning announcement Clare is frustrated by new school rules and policies and claims that it has became a police state. Clare mentions that Eli has been suspended and when he returns she will be questioning her sanity for being with him. Later Alli and Clare are seen at her locker discussing feeling good and maybe giving Drew another chance when Drew interrupts, and Mr. Simpson announces Alli to go to the Principal's Office.


In Don't Let Me Get Me (2) Clare shows up and reminds Alli of the boiler room situation and warns her about giving Drew a second chance. When Alli prepares to leave Degrassi, Clare stands up like the good friend she always is and reminds Alli that she knows the real, nice, funny and sweet Alli and that they’ll always be best friends. And then Alli takes her last walk down the halls of Degrassi.

In Love Lockdown (1) Clare has forgiven Eli for fighting with Fitz and he wants to make everything up to her by going on a real first date. He’s got tickets to hear author Chuck Palahniuk author reading that night, but Clare has the Grundy awards and her parents have agreed to take a break from constantly fighting and go with her. Clare is at the Grundy’s with her parents, who haven’t stopped fighting the entire time. They also dosen’t want Clare to go out with Eli after the banquet because they need to ‘talk’ to her. Clare assumes this talk is regarding a divorce. Clare wins the award she was nominated for, but her parents don’t even notice because they’re too busy being mad at each other.
Eli is there to support Clare and she decides to ditch her parents and go to the reading with Eli, ignoring their calls and missing her curfew. Clare is getting very comfortable with her wild side and even convinces Eli that they should get piercings. After they get piercings Eli tells her he loves first date Clare and asks if she will make an appearance on date two. Clare states that date one is not over yet. When Clare's parents call again, Eli suggests she go home. He wants to be able to take Clare out again and doesn’t think he’ll be able to do that if Clare’s dad thinks he's a bad
influence. She then persuades Eli off of the subject and they kiss. Once home, Clare’s parents are mad about Clare coming home at midnight. Mad at them for always fighting, Clare moves her hand to her hair and pulls it back to show her piercing. Her parents are skeptical and Clare finds it refreshing they are mad at her intead of each other for a change. She then walks off to go to her room.

In Love Lockdown (2), Clare greets Eli in English and he asks if her parents hate him. She says she hasn't told them about him yet. They are interrupted by their English teacher who gives Eli detention for not following the dress code. Clare then decides that Eli should meet her parents for dinner as her boyfriend, after his detention, of course. Eli agrees. Later, at dinner, Clare's parents ask Eli questions and Clare answers them with information

that makes Eli seem like a bad influence on her. Eli gradually gets annoyed by this. Clare's mother then asks if Eli would like to thank the Lord for the wonderful meal they're about to eat, because he's the house guest. Eli then proceeds to say something, but Clare cuts him off, yet again, and mentions he's an atheist. Things get awkward at the dinner table and Eli gives Clare an angry glare. The next day at school, Clare comes to school dressed totally different. Her hair is straightened and part of her hair is dyed black. She's wearing a lot of makeup and is wearing clothing that is the complete opposite of what she usually wears. She greets Eli and tells him that he was cute last night, and after a few moments Eli turns his head and sees a transformed Clare, and in confusion, asks her "Who are you?" Clare says "I thought you'd like it." When she tries to kiss Eli he says "Clare, we'll get a detention" and she doesn't care. He tells her he doesn't understand why she's doing this, and Clare confesses that she's scared. She's then scared that her parents will tell her that they're getting a divorce and there's nothing she can do about it. Eli questions why she used him in order to stop the divorce, and Clare says that when they are mad at her they have something in common. Eli says he refuses to play this game, and that she tried to hurt her parents, but he's the one who got burned. He walks away, leaving Clare to stand alone alone. Later on, Clare comes home, her parents see her new look and it starts a fight between her parents. Clare then yells "STOP IT!" to end the fighting. Clares mom soon confirms her that their getting a divorce. Clare is upset, and begins crying and hugs her mom.

In Umbrella (1) Clare discovers that her parents will be selling their home, which is a big part of her childhood. She also finds out that they're getting rid of some of their antiques, including a watch that Clare's father taught her how to tell time on. Clare grabs it and walks out the house, and later at school, she sees a boy from her religious group, and they talk a little about her family issues. He tells her if she ever wants to talk, he'll be there for her. Later, Clare meets up with Eli. She tells him about her parents selling the house and separating and he suggests that maybe she can stay in the house and her parents can go back and forth to stay with her, as an acquaintance of his did. Clare takes this into consideration. At home, she proposes this idea to her parents, and her parents reject the idea. This infuriates Clare, and she storms out and goes to Little Miss Steaks, where she meets Eli and someone she didn't expect to see, his parents. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents make her the offer of staying at their house for awhile. She asks if there's a guest room, and Eli's father says no - she'd be staying in Eli's room. He says "We've been trying to get a girl in Eli's room for awhile now." This confuses Clare, and Eli asks if his Mom and Dad could leave them alone for a bit. Eli confesses that him and Julia had sex when she stayed at their house, and Clare tells him
File:Umbrella poster.jpg
she isn't having sex before marriage. Eli tells her that he though it isn't his favorite thing, he accepts it. Clare thinks they are different and that they'll end up like her parents, and Eli says "we're not your parents." Clare then leaves. At school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare talks about her parents' divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. Clare is confused as to why Jesus would do this to her, and her friend tells her that it's part of Jesus's plan, which Eli says sucks. Clare later runs out crying, saying she's losing everything she loves. Eli tells her that she's not losing him. Afterwards, Clare comes home and her mother wants her to sort through some things, and while doing so they come across a picture of Clare, Darcy and their father at a skiing trip in Maine. Her mother tells her that she regrets not taking risks when it came to her family and her relationship. Clare then goes to Eli's house, and tells her that she wants to spend the night with him. Eli knows this isn't who Clare is and he tries to talk her in to going home, but she refuses, saying "I don't know who I am!" and she wants to be with him. Clare tries to hold Eli's hands, but he jerks back. Saddened and hurt, she leaves.

In Umbrella (2) Clare is walking to her locker where she sees Eli. She is upset about what happened the day before and refuses to talk to him. She is mad that he rejected her after she threw herself at him, and Eli says he only did so because of her faith. After a heated argument, Clare requests for her watch back. Eli says he left it at home which infuriates Clare. Clare is later seen talking with Adam about how she's going to go to Eli's house during lunch to try and get her Father's watch back, and she wants Adam
to tag along. During lunch, she is at Eli's doorsteps and rings the doorbell, and a few seconds later, Adam shows up to help her out. After getting past Mr. Goldsworthy, Adam and Clare try to get into Eli's room, although they don't know his combination. After an unsuccessful try, Adam suggests Clare tries "22-04-09", which was the date of Julia's death. Unsure, Clare tries it, and is astonished that the combination worked. They both go into Eli's room and discover it's a complete mess. Clare then takes it
upon herself to clean out Eli's locker. When Eli discovers his things have been thrown away, he panicks. He has trouble speaking, and is rummaging through all of his things wondering where they went. He runs to the garbage can and tries to retrieve his things, and at the same time, Clare is trying to calm him down. Eli then says, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" which frightens Clare. She walks away and leaves him alone. Later on, at Clare's house, Clare finds out that her parents won't be selling the house, and that she'll be able to stay there. Later on, there is a knock on Clare's door and she is surprised that it's Eli. They sit down and talk, and Eli explains that ever since Julia's death he feels as though that if he throws something away, he'll die, or someone close to him will. Clare asks him if he's ever heard of hoarding, and he tells her that his mother tried to take him to a therapist, and that he's trying to get help. He asks Clare to always be there for him, because she's the only one that makes him feel as if he'll get better. Clare says she will, and the two share a hug.

Eli and Clare are later seen in Eli's room, where they are trying to get rid of the useless junk inside of there. Eli has a hard time with this, but Clare helps him through it. Eli tries to give Clare back her father's watch back, but she tells him he can keep it, because there's some things she has to get rid of as well. The two then share a kiss and lean on each other, as the scene fades to black.

In Halo (1), Clare and Eli are first seen holding hands in the hall when Adam comes running up to them calling "Suspended for PDA" which causing them to let go of each other's hand. They laugh about it, and Eli asks who Adam's interested in, Adam answers he's interested in Fiona. Clare asks how things are going with that, and if Fiona knows about Adam's "situation". Adam says she
File:Eli clare adam.jpg
doesn't know, but wonders if they think she is out of his league. Eli offers support by saying "missing some parts never stopped you before". Eli and Clare are then shown taking Adam to their secret romantic hideout. Adam asks how they found it and Clare says they found it during one of their urban adventures. Eli then jokingly says the spot they are standing on is where he deflowered Clare. Clare hits him and denies it, she says they shouldn't be talking like that in a "place of worship". Eli corrects her saying it's an "abandoned place of worship". Adam comes up with the idea of throwing a party. Eli is hesitant at the idea and Clare asks why, Adam tells her it's to cheer up Fiona. This makes Clare gush and Eli roll his eyes. All three plan to throw a New York style party for Fiona to get her mood up.


In Halo (2), Clare is seen cleaning up the old church along with Adam and Eli. Clare was then seen standing next to Eli and Adam at the secret party. Later on she is laying in a hammock with Eli.

In When Love Takes Over, Clare is with Eli and Adam in the auditorium watching Fiona audition. She agrees to give Fiona the part. Later on, Clare is on the stage, in the background, while Adam is talking to Fiona. The next day, Clare and Eli are getting ready for rehearsal and waiting for Adam and Fiona to show. She asks Adam if he wanted to join them for the Lover's Lunch in the cafeteria. They then proceed then with practice. At lunch, the three are waiting for Fiona. When Fiona finally arrives,
File:Tumblr lg9q7oOtg71qet573.jpg
it is clear that Fiona is drunk, Fiona looks at Clare and says that she has pretty eyes and wants them to go shopping together since they "hit it off" and asks Clare to call her. Adam pulls Fiona away leaving Clare and Eli confused. Clare and Eli try and find Adam after he cancels practice. He apoligizes for Fiona about the lunch incident, which Clare tells him not to be sorry for. Eli then replies with "Women are trouble." Clare asks, "Even me?" He smirks and says, "Especially you." He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. They look at each other for a moment. Adam confesses he wants what they have. Eli reassures him he will and the trio begin to walk out of the auditorium until Fiona walks in thinking there was practice. Clare and Eli leave Adam and Fiona to talk. The next time Clare is seen is at The Dot with Eli and Adam. She tells Adam, "She will change her mind" about not wanted to see him ever again. Then Adam gets up to wallow in self-pity and bumps into Holly J, leaving Clare and Eli to chat at the table.

Jesus, Etc. (1) Clare gets driving lessons from Eli. They switch spots in the car and talk about Eli's comic book story submission. She trades her editing skills for his driving lessons and they share a quick kiss. Eli tells Clare {C {C {C

to be careful and to drive slow to which she teases him. As Clare steps on the gas petal, Clare and Eli run into Fitz. Fitz comes to the window and tells them he has been looking for them and needs to talk to them. Eli urges her to go and after getting over the initial shock, she speeds off. Next they are seen talking about Fitz return. Clare wonders why he wants to talk to them and if he escaped Juvie. Eli dismisses that idea but Clare still wonders if he's dangerous. Later Fitz approaches Clare while she is on her laptop persumably editing Eli's story outside on the picnic benches. Fitz tells Clare that he's sorry and when he while he was away he found God. He quickly leaves when Eli's hearse drives up. While they are getting ready for another driving lesson, Eli notices Clare is distracted asks her if she's okay. She then tells him that she talked to Fitz. Eli shouts at Clare that she should stay away from Fitz because he is dangerous. And that she is making it hard to do his job. She says what job and he says his job is to protect her. Then she leaves out of the hearse. The next morning Clare is walking from the bus while Eli is leaning on his hearse watching out for Fitz. She asks him what he's doing and she walks away when she hears the answer. Then at The Dot Clare and Adam are talking and she tells him that while Eli has a lot of good qualities, his possessiveness and over protectiveness makes her feel like she can't breathe. She admits that he's worth it even though he can be overwhelming. Adam notices Fitz is working at The dot and suggest they leave. Clare says that it's their hangout, not his and refuses to leave. After Adam leaves, Clare walks up to Fitz and
asks why he chose to work there. He tells her it was convienent and turns to walk away, warning him to stay away from her. He gently grabs her wrist and apologizes to her for what happened Vegas Night. He asks for her forgiveness and she forgives him. He tell her that he not only has to make amends with her but also with Eli. After she tells him that she will try to get Eli to listen to him, Eli bust through the doors shoving Fitz and telling him to back off. He asks Clare if she is okay and she tells him she fine and they were just talking. Eli demands Fitz tells him what they were talking about. Fitz then apologizes to him and he responds by saying whatever and turning to leave pulling Clare by elbow with him. Clare stands her ground and says "that's all you have to say?" Eli tells her that he has nothing to say to him and asks her if she's coming with him or staying. She looks between them before choosing to go with Eli.

In Jesus, Etc. (2) Things are weird between Clare and Eli after Eli finds out Clare was talking to Fitz, but they make up. Eli is excited that Clare is helping him with his story Stalker Angel. Clare goes on to checking her email and finds out that Fitz has been stalking and spamming her inbox with about God, but also about Eli. Clare decides to confront Fitz at The

Dot and tell him to not cyber stalk her in the middle of the night.Fitz tells Clare that he’s worried about Eli. Clare makes it clear that Fitz should only about Eli if he keeps bothering her. Clare is home that night when a big storm hits and Fitz shows shows up at his door. He shows up with a scratch on his face and tells Clare that he fell off his bike. She agrees to let him stay until the storm finishes. Clare offers to throw Fitz’s soaking wet hoody into the dryer, but when he lifts his shirt Clare sees that Fitz has been beaten. She demands to know what happened and Fitz tells her that his step-brother is on drugs and has been beating him up. Fitz also tells Clare that she’s the reason he was able to make it through Juvie. He tells Clare that she should be with him and not Eli, because Eli is stubborn and will never change. Eli shows up at Clare’s and finds her with Fitz. Clare tries to explain that Fitz is in trouble and accuses Eli of being heartless for not
caring. Again, has a point. Eli runs out of the house and Clare tells Fitz to get Father Greg to pick him up. After Fitz leaves Clare tries to talk to Eli. Eli is crying and tells Clare that he feels like she’s slipping away. He makes her promise to never leave him and she does. The next day at school, Eli has finally finished the horror story he has been working on and disturbs Clare with its graphic ending. In which the Heroine, Rachel (Punned as Clare) is killed by her boyfriend, Malcolm, (Punned as Eli) who then drinks her blood saying they can become forever "one." The episode ends with Eli professing his love for Clare and she is clearly disturbed by his behavior.

In Hide and Seek (1), Clare is seen at the media immersion class waiting for Holly J to wake up alongside, Connor, and other Grade 10s. She wonders, if Holly J is okay or not. Later Clare is also seen along with other Grade 10 students outside Degrassi opening up a time capsule they buried in 7th grade.

In Chasing Pavements (1), Clare is happy to see Alli back at Degrassi. She agrees to help Alli bring up test scores in the standardized math test section so Mr. Simpson won't get fired. She also points out that Drew will also need some tutoring, much to Alli's annoyance.

In Chasing Pavements (2), Clare is seen talking to Alli about plans to encourage Grade 10 to take the Standardize Math Test.

In Drop The World (1), Clare is walking to school when Eli approaches her and shows her that Stalker Angel has been published. Eli then points out that he gave her a byline and Clare is surprised and t

ells him he didn't need to do that. He tells her he wanted to and it's beginning of their lives together and many more collaborations. Clare sees Alli and pulls away to talk to her about picking out their outfits for the spring dance. Eli mocks the dance and says it's trival compared to being published. Clare tells him not to come if he

isn't interested and walks away with Alli. Later, Clare and Eli are hanging out at the abandoned church and she tells him about her time with Alli. A bubbly song comes
on and Clare starts to dance. Eli makes a joke and she gets defensive. He quickly apologizes and tells her he's has tickets to an out of town convention and her mother already said she can come. Clare gets upset that he talked to her mom instead of her first. He said he was trying to surprise her and just wanted to do something nice for her. Eli is disappointed that she isn't more excited. She tells him she agreed to go and ask him what does he want. Eli gives a fake smile and she walks away. The next day, she talks to Alli about the trip and Stalker Angel and defends Eli's
behavior saying he's been through a lot including his ex-girlfriend dying over spring break last year. She comes to the conclusion that he is still hung up on Julia and he's scared of losing her like he lost Julia. She tells him to meet her at their bench and tells him they need to take a breather. He tells her he's over Julia and he only cares about her but Clare tells him he's suffocating her and is adamant about some time apart. She tells him she's sorry and walks away leaving him alone on the bench.

In Drop the World (2), Clare is walking into school when Eli approaches her and wants to talk. He says he will give her space, and opens Morty. Clare sees a gun in Eli's car and reaches to Eli for a hug because she's scared of what he might do with the gun. A startled Eli says, "I thought you wanted space." "Not today." Clare replies. In class, she looks up to see Eli and Adam looking at her. {C}{C {C

When Eli is called to the office, Eli looks at her puzzled and leaves. In the library, Eli confronts her about the gun, and she says she didn't know why he had it. Eli says that he isn't a killer and if she still wants to go on the trip to meet at the "Special Bench." She arrives later at the spring formal and talks to Alli about needing space, so she calls Eli, who tells her that she ripped his heart out. Eli asks about the road trip and Clare tells him that she doesn't even like the hearse. Eli tells Clare that he'll get rid of Morty. He hangs up, leaving Clare hanging. She rushes to the hospital and into Eli's room. He now has a neck brace and a broken leg. She tells Eli that he could have died, but he says it was worth it because she came to see him. Clare thinks he is manipulating her and attempts to leave, but Eli holds onto her wrist. She shakes him off and leaves. At school, she tells Alli she wants to try to have fun and they go inside.

Season 11Edit

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LoveGame, while Clare is getting ready for school. Her mom tells her not to forget dinner. When she gets to school, she and Alli are talking about the break-up when Clare sees Eli Goldsworthy. She walks over to him asks how he's doing. He answers with a blank expression. Clare asks with a surprised look if he wants to talk but Eli declines and walks away. In the hallway Clare is walking with Alli and Dave, asking her if she's are going to Above The Dot. Clare says she is. Then Clare and Adam walk into their next class and Clare is distracted thinking about Eli, when Adam tries to hand her a binder. Clare doesn't grab the binder so it falls to the floor. When she picks it up, she asks if he could really be over her that quick, and Adam says Eli was doing great. Then when Alli and Clare are getting ready to go, her mom reminds her that the Martins are coming over and that she has to stay. Clare tells Alli to report back to her when the Martins get there. Jake and his dad,Glen arrive at Clare's house and eat. Clare is disgusted by the way Jake eats. Glen and Helen soon start talking and Clare suggests that she and Jake go to Above The Dot to introduce him to her friends. When they get there, Alli introduces herself, then Clare introduces him to K.C., Dave, Sadie, and Eli. Clare tries to make Eli jealous but her plan backfires when Eli and Jake start talking. Clare then starts to talk to Eli, but ends up yelling at him, ells her she needs closure and he then kisses her. The next day she tells Alli about the kiss and Alli jokes calling Clare a hussy and that her and Jake won't just be fun. Alli also keeps asking Clare if she took photos to 'rub Eli's nose in.' Clare asks Alli if she'll give her a second to apologize to Eli. Alli isn't happy about it, walks away. Clare then apologizes to Eli, telling him she shouldn't have yelled at him. She then finds out he was on medicine.

In Cry Me A River (1), now that the rules have started to relax at Degrassi, clubs are back in session. Clare decides that a good way to keep her busy (and to not run into Eli) is to join the school newspaper. Makes sense, since Clare is a gifted writer and had her story with Eli published. Clare approaches Katie, the Editor of the Degrassi Daily, and asks to join the writing staff. Katie gives Clare an assignment to write a 100-word article on getting over a break up. When Clare gives Alli the article at lunch to read over, Alli has a few critiques about how long it is. Still, Clare goes ahead with giving the article to Katie. Katie has one look at the assignment book and tells Clare that the newspaper staff is full. Upset, Clare and Alli head to The Dot, where Clare runs into Katie and decides to apologize for not following the instructions for the article.

Katie is overreacting to Clare giving her an essay to read, doesn’t like Clare, or just isn’t nice, but she walks away from Clare and pretends to not hear her. Clare asks Katie’s friend Marisol what the deal is and Marisol says that Katie doesn’t like drama and that “Clare is drama.”

In Cry Me A River (2), Clare finally gets a spot on The Degrassi Daily, after Sav has a talk with Katie about letting 10th graders on the paper. However, Clare's first official assignment is to work with Eli for the whole semester, whom is the writer of the current Drama club play.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Clare tells Eli that, as her assignment requires, she has to right an article for the The Degrassi Daily about his play and has to interview him. The two are clearly still awkward talking to each other after their breakup, but she tries to put it aside during lunch, when she asks him questions about his play, but Eli has yet to have a thorough plot and leaves Clare in the middle of their interview. Clare is seen talking to Jake in the hallway and walks off with their arms wrapped around each other, which Eli sees, which causes Eli's meltdown.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), she is seen in the cafeteria with Eli watching her from a distance. She later runs into Eli and he introduces to Imogen. She then says that she still needs an interview for the paper. He tells her to meet him tomorrow for lunch and says "It's a date". Eli walks up to her at lunch the next day and he says that she was his muse for his concept for the play. She says she is glad to help and starts the interview by asking what the play is about. He says it is called Love Roulette and it's about a guy who is betrayed by a manipulative girlfriend who is obsessed with a religious psycho (Fitz). Clare says that it is a lie and asks if he is off his meds. He says yes and that he is no longer in love with her. Clare says he needs help, but he says he has all the help he needs as Imogen walks up behind him. He then throws away his pills, while Clare has a concerned look on her face.


In Should've Said No (1), Clare walks into her house while talking to Alli on the phone telling that she never said "Jake Martin is hotter than molten lava.", but Glen heard her and Clare hung up the phone. He said that if she wanted to say hi he's in the kitchen. When Clare goes in the kitchen she sees Jake

shirtless, she stares at him. Jake catches her,but she quickly denies staring at him and walks away claiming she has homework. The next day at school, Clare talks to Alli saying that she can't stop picturing his half naked body and Alli suggest that she goes for it. After school when Clare gets home she sees Jake in her home, fixing the leak... this time with a shirt on. He asks if she'd like to help him but she can't because she hanging out with her mom, but her mom is busy so leaves money for Clare and Jake to buy pizza. While talking to Alli on the phone in her bedroom demanding that she come distrack her from Jake but she can't come because it's her father's birthday. Jake enters and talks to Clare to see if she's ok and all Clare can think of is kissing him so they end up making out. At school Katie ask Clare if Jake is a good guy and then reveals that he agreed to go to movie night with her. Clare, frustrated, confronts Jake and he tells her that ever since the break up he doesn't 'do relationships', but Clare does, so she walks away. Later that night Clare has a make-out-dream about Jake and falls off bed then hears noise coming from outside her bedroom and it's her mom out with a guy, saying that they're now serious. The next day Clare calls over Jake to tell him since he has experience with these stuff and he says that when his dad first started dating he felt the same way but its what make them happy. So Clare suggests that they should do what makes them happy...and they end up making out again.


In Should've Said No (2), Clare is first seen waiting for her mother and receives a text from Jake, saying he
wants to kiss her. As she's replying, her mother gets in her car and assures her daughter she isn't with a new man every night. Clare says she understands, but wonders if her dad is seeing someone as well. At school, Jake and Clare sneak off into an empty classroom, and he says he wants to hang out that night. Clare reminds him of his plans with Katie and he offers to cancel them. Later that night Clare discovers her mother's divorce papers and ends her "casual" relationship. She meets up with Alli at Movie Night and asks for her to set her up. Alli introduces her to Liam and they find a seat, right next to Katie and Jake. The two exchange looks all night and after she kisses Liam, they take a walk and discuss their casual relationship. They decide to take a risk and start a real relationship since they both really like each other. When the two arrive back at Clare's house, her mother reveals she's dating Glen Martin, and her and Jake must keep their relationship a secret.

In U Don't Know (1), Clare agrees to help Imogen became "Clara", in Eli's version of Clare in his Love Roulette play, by coping her, but Imogen has to make Clara more sympathetic in return.

File:D11 may 17th ss 1408.jpg.jpg
In U Don’t Know (2), Clare and Jake talk about their relationship while eating at Little Miss Steaks. Imogen purposely takes Eli over to Clare and Jake while they are kissing to get Eli angry at Clare. Eli storms off and she and Imogen have an argument about what "Clare Edwards" would do.

In Lose Yourself (1), Clare is walking to class next to Jake, which turns into a talk about how to avoid ther parents and Jake's drama work. Before Jake leaves, he (jokingly) tells her that he finally found something to do at Degrassi.. besides her. While Clare and Adam are working on their Science project, Clare starts to talk about what if Eli does something to Jake which has Adam make a joke out of it. She has a talk with Eli about how not to say any thing negivate about her around Jake, which Eli just laughs and says that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough. While Eli's is directing, she and Adam sneak into the drama room. They look there his bag which leads Clare volunteering to hold Jake's ladder for him.

In Lose Yourself (2), Clare continues to volunteer to help Jake with contraction work for the play. She later comes up with the idea to set in while they are during a read through of the Love Roulette play. Clare gets kicked-out after asking too many questions about the plot. She decides to wait in Jake truck then precedes to tell him the truth. Jake then tells her that he doesn't believe the play and hands the draft to her. Clare and Eli share a moment after she find out that Eli changed it to make it so Clara is the hero.

In Lose Yourself (2), Clare is seen trying to give Katie some idea's for The Degrassi Daily.


In Extraordinary Machine (1), Clare and Eli are having an interview about Love Roulette at The Dot. However, Jake comes in and Eli can't gather his thoughts so he cancels.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Clare's locker and back-pack get searched after an anonymous tip (Eli) calls the police to tell them that someone is selling drugs. After the police find pills in her bag, (that were put in there by Imogen in an attempt to get Clare out of the picture so she could be with Eli) she is taken to Principal Simpson's office where Eli rushes in and confesses that they are his pills and gets Clare off the hook. Later on, while Clare is interviewng Fiona and Riley about the play, Eli ask to speak to her. Eli talks about how the pills were meant to go into Jake's bag and how he wants to be the guy she fell in love with. Before leaving, Clare tells Eli that they will never get back together. She is seen in the audience at Opening Night. The next day she talks to Jake and tells him she'll see him at lunch. Then she is seen at the end at the end of the episode watching Eli depart.

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In Don't Panic (1), Clare and Jake hit a rough patch after they fight about spending time together.

In Don't Panic (2), Clare and Jake make-up after they were "locked' in the sweat lodge by Eli. They also said their first I love you's, however, Eli said for Jake. Clare and Fiona leave the boys alone after Fiona takes Clare back inside.

In Dead and Gone (1), Jake comes out in "prom outfit" and they discuss the fact that their parents are still dating. Clare tells Jake that her mom thinks she's voluteering at prom. Helen walks in and asks if they can all have dinner. Jake tells Clare that he will ask his dad to reschedule. However, it doesn't go well when Glen tells Jake that he and Helen are engaged but he has to keep it a secret. When Clare finds out, she objects and reveals she's dating Jake. She leaves after her mother tells them to breakup.

In Dead and Gone (2), She shows up at prom in street clothes. Jake sees her and goes to talk to her about her storming off from home. Clare wants Jake to help her stop the wedding but Jake wants his Dad's
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happiness. Jake breaks up with her because he knew it would have been a lot more difficult if they stayed together. Later Drew asks her and Eli to follow Adam to the hospital. They agree to do it. At the hospital, Clare and Eli are glad that Adam is okay enough to joke around with them. When Adam's mother shows up, she and Eli give the family some space. She receives an upsetting text from Jake. Eli asks her what's wrong and she explains that Jake and her are going to be stepsiblings. Eli says he is sorry to hear that in a meaningful manner. Clare and Eli smile at one another after she says maybe it's not meant to be.

In Nowhere to Run, Clare is seen getting ready for the wedding and blows off Alli. She and Jake argue after the wedding when he tries to get back together with her. She later realizes she made a mistake and Bianca drives her there. They walk upon Alli and Jake kissing and Clare runs into the woods. She trips and runs into Eli, who came up on his bike and took the bus. They share a moment and Clare considers kissing Eli to get back at Jake but thinks better of it. They go back to the cabin, and Clare is angry at Jake and Alli, but forgives Jake after having a chat with him. Helen and Glen show up from their honeymoon and take every one home. The next day, Alli tries to apologize to Clare for kissing Jake, but Clare declines the apology, saying she had no excuse for doing it. She tells Alli to find another ride, as Jake's truck is full, and then goes on to ask Eli if he wants a ride. She and Jake officially get back together.

In Underneath It All, Clare is driving to school with Jake and Glen. Her and Jake are texting back and fourth in the car, which makes Glen think that Jake has a new girlfriend. After Glen drops them off at Degrassi, Clare and Jake share a kiss before heading inside the building. Clare walks into class, and instead of sitting with Alli like she normally does, Clare avoids her gaze and sits next to Connor. Connor asks Clare why she didn't sit with Alli, and Clare tells him it's because her and Alli aren't friends anymore after what happened over the summer. When Conner then asks Clare, "Who is your best friend now?" Clare answers with, "I guess Jake is my best friend". Later in the episode, Clare feels as though her relationship with Jake is hotter than ever and decides to test whether they are "emotionally ready" for sex by giving Jake a pop quiz from a magazine. However, Jake fails the test miserably.&nbsp In the second half of the episode, Clare apologizes to Jake for the quiz, and Jake apologizes to Clare for his answers. They decide to have sex while their parents are out, but after Clare mentions "forever", Jake rejects her and leaves the room before they can get that far. The next morning they decide to break up, after realizing their relationship could never truly work out.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Clare loses her temper when Jake invites Jenna over for dinner on his birthday. After deciding that she no longer share a house with Jake, she comes up with a new plan to move in with her father.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Clare feels like everyone in her life has rejected her-everyone except her new friend Summer, who still wants her to move in. Summer's easygoing attitude seems like exactly what Clare needs, but are these new living arrangements too good to be true?

In Smash Into You (2), Clare helps Adam prepare for a date with his secret admirer.


  • (In Uptown Girl (1)): (to Darcy): "Then it's a good thing that I'm here for school and not for boys."
  • (In Uptown Girl (2)): (to K.C.): "My sister Darcy has always been the pretty and popular one. I'm good at being the smart one."
  • (In Man With Two Hearts): (about masturbation): Alli: "So... have you ever?" Clare: "Have I ever what?" (Alli whispers in her ear) Clare: "Ew! Why would someone do that?!"
  • (In Man With Two Hearts): (to Holly J.): "He would think that i t's completely normal and if you tried it every once in a while, maybe you wouldn't be so mean."
  • (In Start Me Up): (to K.C.): "My life didn't revolve around you. K.C. There are things going on with me that you know nothing about, so spare me the pity."
  • (In Start Me Up): (to Alli): "I'm boring, Alli! You're growing up and I'm just...watching."
  • (In In Your Eyes): (to K.C.): "As soon as things get rough, you blame everyone but yourself."
  • (In Love Lockdown (1)): (to her parents): "Wow, you're mad at me for once instead of each other...refreshing."
  • (In Umbrella (2)): (to Eli): "Well then I guess you're stuck with me, just like you said I was stuck with you."
  • (In LoveGame): (to Eli): "Did three months mean NOTHING?! Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory?! It took you a year! A YEAR to get over your ex. Did you ever love me at all?!" Jake: "And...scene!"
  • "I read your play. It's beautiful." Eli: "Yeah. I made a few changes." Clare: "You made Clara the hero." Eli: "That's because she is the hero." (to Eli; Lose Yourself (2))
  • "Hey, Connor, welcome back! How was the program?" (in Underneath It All)
  • "Jenna and Jake. You have to be freaking kidding me!!"
  • "You better stock up on condoms Jake, this one's fertile."
  • "New girl?"

(To Drew in her Dream) Sweet Lord, it's hot in here!- Basket Case


  • Clare has an abstinence ring, which means she made a commitment to not engage in any sexual activity until marriage. Despite this, she is seen contemplating sex in the latter half of Season 11.
  • She has an interest in vampires: She wrote vampire fiction about Declan under the name "Madame Degrassi" and has pictures of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (both part of the Twilight Saga) in her locker.
  • Clare, as of now, has been on the show the second longest as a recurring character, after Mr. Simpson.
  • Clare and Eli have matching helix piercings.
  • Jake and Clare knew each other for six years prior to re-meeting in LoveGame.
  • Clare and Jake are the only characters on Degrassi to have dated, and then become step-siblings.
  • Clare was the first (and currently only) character in the history of Degrassi to get laser eye surgery.
  • Clare has had both KC and Jake "stolen" by her ex-best friend, Jenna.
  • Clare and Terri both share the same line, "You're suffocating me!"
  • Clare and Darcy both thought about having sex in their junior year, despite the fact that they both had abstinence rings.
    • Darcy had sex with Peter after she was raped, and Clare had thoughts about having sex with Jake.


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