Alli Bhandari
Full Name Allia Bhandari
Nickname(s) Alli (by Everyone)

Backwoods Bhandari (byJohnny) Little Bhandari (by Holly J) Alls (by Sav & Clare) Al (by Sav & Clare) Boiler Room Bhandari (byChantay & Bianca)

Gender Female
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family Sav Bhandari (Brother)

Mr. Bhandari (Father)

Mrs. Bhandari (Mother) Unnamed Cat (Pet) Rima (Cousin)

Relationships Johnny DiMarco (Ex-Boyfriend) Drew Torres (Ex-Boyfriend)

Dave Turner (Ex-Boyfriend)

Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School

Beechwood Preparatory School

First Episode Uptown Girl (1) - 8.01
Portrayed By Melinda Shankar

Allia "Alli" Bhandari is a junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School. She is first shown as rebellious and determined, landing herself in many difficult and drastic situations. After her parents were made aware of her former ways by her extremely thick permanent record, she realized she needed to change her life for the better. After running away from home, she and her family became close again, determined to change. Despite turning over a new leaf, Alli still has a bad habit of making mistakes. Alli currently lives with her parents and best friend, Jenna Middleton. She is the younger sister of Sav Bhandari, a Degrassi graduate. She holds an on-and-off rivalry with Bianca DeSousa. Alli is portrayed by Melinda Shankar.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 8Edit

File:Alli Season 8.jpg

Alli makes her first appearance in Up town Girl (1) Sav Bhandari's younger sister. She is in the Gifted Program with Clare, K.C. and Connor. Sav introduces her to everybody, Alli is shown groaning, looking bored, and embarrassed, but Darcy introduces her little sister, Clare. She is shown to be rebellious due to her conservative upbringing. Every morning she changes into more fashionable clothes and lets her hair down, then changes back before returning home.

In Man With Two Hearts Alli and Clare sneak around Mr. Simpson's house after going home with Connor, and they snoop around in Simpson's room. They find a vibrator under his bed. Spike catches them and while they panic, Spike says she knows what it is like to be 14. The two girls are curious about the vibrator and decide to bring it to school the next day. They're in the bathroom stall, as they argue about who should keep it and figure out what to do with it, they drop it while it's turned on. Alli and Clare panic and exchange looks. Jane picks it up and returns it to them, and discusses that it's normal to engage in "solo sex." Later in class, Connor trips over Clare's bag and the sex toy vibrates in front of the whole class. Mr. Armstrong tells Clare that she knows the rule, no cell phones in class. Clare quietly responds by saying she doesn't have a cell phone. Armstrong pulls the vibrator out, the class laughs, but Alli, being the good friend she is, improvises (stammering over her words) and says it's a robot for their project. Armstrong

asks when she thought he was born and Alli says back, " old are you?" getting the class to crack up. Clare is still very embarrassed by the topic.

In With or Without You Alli comes along on the camping trip to get closer to Johnny. At first, Alli won't keep away from Anya and Sav, but eventually she leaves them to look for Johnny. Finding him in his tent, the two play a few card games before they freak out and leave, after finding Connor's snake in the tent. When Sav finds out that Alli was alone with a boy, he yells at her and sends her to her tent. Alli receives roses from an anonymous sender, and wonders who was sending them. She makes Anya tell her, and finds out it's Johnny DiMarco .In Lost in Love (1) Alli is surprised and excited. She makes it known to him that she knows he sent them, and he tells her that they won't be able to date because he doesn't want to be seen with a "niner".

In Lost in Love (2) They are together by the J.T. Yorke Memorial during the Valentine's Day dance, when Alli asks Johnny why he won't admit that he likes her and Johnny kisses her and Alli jumps. Johnny asks if it was her first kiss and Alli quickly responds, "Well, the next one won't be!" That's when they begin to secretly date.

In Causing a Commotion Clare stands up for Connor when he receives unfair treatment from The Shep. The result of their peaceful protest? Detentions for everyone. No one is more frustrated by the detention than Alli. It wasn't her idea to protest. And Connor is being super annoying. When he doesn't listen and continues tapping his pencil, she grabs it and breaks it, sending Connor into a violent rage. He is expelled. After some testing, it is confirmed that Connor is affected by Asperger's Syndrome but The Shep will not treat Connor "specially" and sticks to the expulsion. Clare thinks The Shep is wrong. And she stands up against the administration.

In Heat of the Moment Alli is tired of Holly J 's bullying. Alli starts an "I Hate Holly J." group on Facerange, because Alli told Holly J that Johnny was her boyfriend, and Hollly J asked Johnny in public if he was going out with Alli, and he said no, which made Alli upset. The group instantly becomes popular and everyone starts to join it. Lots of people post what they dislike about Holly J and how they want her dead. Mr. Simpson finds out, and Alli is suspended until she is ready to apologize to the Sinclairs. The Sinclairs call the cops, and Alli and her father have to go to the police station. Alli gets a warning about how dangerous the situation could have been. Later on, she

and Anya go to Holly J's to apologize. Holly J (who is still upset about the situation) tells her she will never return to Degrassi but Anya convinces her to come back (offscreen). Alli goes to Holly J and tells her that she got kicked off of Facerange, the group is gone, and everything should be back to normal, except Derek shows up with a rope, joking that he wants to tie Holly J up with it.

In Jane Says (2) Alli barges into school, dressed in sweats and Johnny sarcastically comments. She tells Clare that her parents were cleaning out her closet and found all her school clothes. Meanwhile, Clare is donating Darcy's old clothes to a charity. Alli suggests that Clare wears them, so later, Alli and Clare are seen trying on Darcy's old clothes, which garners attention from the boys for Clare, making Alli jealous. During class, Alli proudly finishes a problem, but Clare edits it, saying that she forgot a part. Alli is obviously mad, and later, Alli kisses K.C., during lunch and promptly realizes it was a mistake. She and K.C. mutually agree that it wasn't a big deal. Alli finally admits she was jealous, and she and Clare sort their problems out. In the end of the episode, Johnny comes to her and says whatever she wears, she'll look hot to him, and Alli breaks out a smile.


In Heart of Glass, Alli and Johnny are making out in his car. When Johnny feels things are going too fast he breaks her off and tells her it's getting late and that she should go home. When Alli returns home, she is furious and storms off to her room. She then calls Clare and immediately says "I hate my life." The next day, she arrives at school and after embarrassing herself in front of her math teacher, she asks Mia and Anya if their boyfriends are ever not "in the mood." The girls then proceed to tell Alli that Johnny was "with" a lot of other girls at Lakehurst or in Mia's words "he was a total dog." After class, Alli goes to talk to Johnny and asks if he wanted to go to see a

movie that night. He proceeds to tell her that he promised Bruce he would go to the ravine that night. After finally bothering him enough, he agrees to hang out

File:30848 389155960841 222416550841 3800627 6076560 n.jpg
with her at the ravine. At the ravine, Alli decided to wear a rather risqué outfit which impressed Johnny's friends. When Clare must leave due to time restraints, Alli must make the decision whether or not to sleep with Johnny. Her decision to lose her virginity brutally hurts their relationship. The next day at school, Alli avoids Johnny. The next day at school, Alli breaks up with him and he is truly hurt. That same afternoon, Clare and Alli are outside the school and Johnny is behind them. When Clare convinces Alli to go back to him, she tells Johnny that she is not going to have sex again until she is ready. After a loving conversation, Johnny tells Alli that he was a virgin too. When Alli asks "So, we can take it slow?" Johnny's reply is "You know it's impossible to say no to you, right?" The episode then ends with her head

resting on his shoulder and his head on hers.

Season 9Edit

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In Just Can't Get Enough Alli is suspicious and jealous of new student Jenna. She feels that Jenna is trying to take her place as Clare's best friend when Clare and Jenna are partnered up for projects. She slowly realizes her suspicions about Jenna were false, and gives friendship with Jenna a try. When Jenna drops the bombshell, that she was a boyfriend stealer at her old school, Clare and Alli take the hint that she's interested in K.C.

In Shoot to Thrill Alli feels like her and Johnny should engage in a little more PDA, despite Johnny caring too much about his reputation and what his friends think of him. She enrolls in photography classes and takes

rather intimate pictures of Johnny cuddling with a stuffed animal. Chantay says that she should show them publicly, and Alli agrees, despite Johnny asking her to promise they remain private. Alli earlier took naked pictures of herself and sent them to Sav's old cell phone, which Alli had given Johnny. Johnny is furious with her, and sends Bruce her naked photos in retaliation. Alli tries to find Bruce before he can send the photos to anyone else, and she reaches him right when Mr. Simpson takes the phone from him. Principal Hatzilakos lectures Alli about circulating such pictures of herself, stating it could become a police matter with

regard to child pornography; Alli begs the principal not to bring it to the police because she already has a file. Alli and Johnny break up, but Johnny says he's keeping the pictures, to remember her. Alli begrudgingly notes his stubbornness and allows it.

'In' You Be Illin', Alli is seen with Clare and Jenna breaking into Johnny's locker to get the pictures back. They don't get the pictures, but Alli finds a picture of her and Johnny together, and she starts falling for him again.After a talk, Johnny eventually gives Alli the cellphone back with the photos. Alli gets her hopes up when he tells her he wants to talk in the music room after school. He tells her he found a genital wart and that she also should get checked out since they had sex. He admits that he lied to her, and he didn't lose his virginity to Alli. Alli is shocked and asked who it was, and he confesses to her that he has slept with more than one girl before her. Alli is accompanied by Jenna to the clinic and Alli makes her promise not to tell

Clare. An exam of Alli is encouraging; the health nurse recommends she get the HPV vaccine, and her blood tests results are negative. Alli decides she wants revenge on Johnny for lying to her and enlists Jenna to help her. They decide to put wires on Jenna and try to persuade him to tell her about his then STD, so they can broadcast to the school. Their plan fails because instead of following Jenna's prompting and

File:You be illin 11.jpg
suggestive remarks, Johnny tells Jenna that Alli is the only girl he wants. In the end, Alli tells him they are over because she can't trust him. Johnny tells her she was the first girl he slept with that he actually liked.

In Heart Like Mine (1) She witnesses K.C. and Jenna's kiss when K.C. got a basketball award. K.C. tells her to mind her own business, and Alli tells him she's going to tell Clare. Alli is with Clare in the gym when Emma arrives back to town.

Heart Like Mine (2) Alli tries to cheer up Clare after her break up with K.C. Later in the episode, Alli and Clare go to the Fritz Helder concert. Alli is surprised to find out that Clare copied the paper from Declan's story. Clare feels ashamed and tells her that she'd understand that if she wouldn't want to be friends with her. Alli tells her that she is acting silly and she doesn't have to be ashamed. Alli and Clare go and have a good time. When Clare presents a real story in class, she feels happy about taking Alli's advice. So, her and Alli after class go to the bathroom and Clare puts on a lacy bra. Then, she and Alli laugh and run out.

In Holiday Road Alli and Clare are seen asking Emma about college and are surprised when she tells them how difficult it is.

In Start Me Up, Alli, [1]Declan and Clare are seen talking about different countries' cultures. Clare is then seen rushing with Alli around the halls and to the class. Clare then presents her story on different countries' culture. They sound suspiciously like what Declan told her about the cultures. The next day, Alli and Clare are again seen zooming through the halls to the girls' room. Clare pulls out a lacy bra and plans to get "interesting". Alli is holding her books and drops them. She picks up Clare's notebook and reads the story about K.C. whom she wants to get back with. Alli wants her to tell the story, but Clare says it isn't finished. She still has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back.

In Why Can't This Be Love (1) Alli tells Johnny they're off again, and Farrah, Sav's possible future wife, set up by both of their parents, arrives. Alli is upset that she has to go to Degrassi on a Saturday to help set up for the prom and her and Dave have to serve the drinks to the people at prom. Dave tries to cheer up all and tells her that the drink could be called the 'Bhandurner'. Alli finds him funny and strange. At prom, she and Dave

become friends. When Johnny comes over to get a drink, he belittles her to specifically anger her. Alli tells Johnny to back off. Later on, Alli finds Dave hilarious when he starts dancing and doing crazy moves. The next day, Alli and Dave are seen playing a card game and Alli realizes that she wants to be more adult like and that Dave is too kiddish for her. She walks away, angering Dave. Later on, she apologizes and tells him that she really wants to be his friend, and Dave forgives her.

In Innocent When You Dream she's helping her best friend Clare with her crush on Declan, Alli comes up

with the clever online name "Madame Degrassi". Also, when Clare gets 4-star ratings, and an "M" for maturity on her posts Alli congratulates her. At, Connor's party Alli was in charge of the "7-minutes of Heaven" game that they play. When Clare leaves after giving Wesley a hickey, Alli goes to cheer her up. Clare is mad and is blowing off steam and talks about how she doesn't want to have sexual thoughts because she has an abstinence ring, and that she doesn't want to make a mistake of having sex with somebody, like Alli did with Johnny. Alli's feelings are hurt. Later on, Alli and Clare make up, and Alli tells her that they are cool and that she knew she was only blowing off steam.

Season 10Edit

In What a Girl Wants (1) Alli is now a sophomore at Degrassi Community School. In the opening, Alli has the Degrassi logo show on her
back when she turns and walk away. As Alli is walking into school, Connor and Dave both check her out. Dave confronts her and asks her embarrassing questions, but Alli just rolls her eyes and seems to be bothered by them. When they get into the classroom,they are all confused as to where the chairs are. Alli then logs on to a computer and yells at Dave for making her #42 on the hottest Degrassi Girls List. Dave is embarrassed,as it was a computerized mistake and he had meant to put her as #1.

In What a Girl Wants (2) Dave and Connor are in the hallways and they are talking about why Alli is acting so weird, since they were friendly all summer. Alli is still pissed about Dave, so she decides to make a Degrassi Loser List, and put it around the whole school. Later on, at The Dot, Clare is with Alli telling her that she's being too dramatic, because Dave only put her as #42, saying that it doesn't mean anything.

Alli rolls her eyes and explains how this could have a negative impact on her future with boys.


Dave then walks into The Dot, and asks Clare if he can talk to Alli, who approaches Dave, and Dave explains to her how he thought the list he made was stupid, telling her he had only made it to show her that he thought that she was the hottest girl in the school. Alli smiles and seems satisfied, asking, "You think I'm the hottest girl in the school?" Alli kisses him on the cheek and very pleased, Dave asks her if they're going out now. Alli assures him that they are only friends. Dave replies hopefully, "Friends with benefits?" Alli laughs coyly and walks away.

In Breakaway (1) Clare tells Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to make them better, and that she won't need to wear glasses, and contacts. Without them knowing that Jenna overhears them talking. Later in the episode, Alli confronts Sav saying that she's going to get off easy for any of her future wrong doings when their parents find out about Anya's pregnancy. She remarks that Sav and Anya are weird when she realizes they're only using the fake pregnancy so Sav can further himself in the presidential campaign against Holly J.

In Breakaway (2), Alli is amazed to see Clare's new eye surgery. She is very happy for her best friend.she thinks that Clare likes the new boy Eli, and smiles when he picks up her broken glasses. Alli thinks Clare has totally


In 99 Problems (1), Alli and
File:Alli and Clare.png
Clare are walking when Alli says she wishes her life would be more fun, like Jenna's, experiencing all the wonders of high school: happiness, popularity, and cute boys. Alli says instead, she's in grade ten and still wondering where to sit at lunch or who she'll go to football games with. She tries becoming a cheerleader, even comes in dressed in Darcy's old Spirit Squad uniform, but she does not make the team, making Alli get a dislike for Chantay. Clare asks Alli, "When life gives you lemons, what do you do?" Alli answers, "You throw them at Chantay." Clare suggests to Alli that she should start her own club to become popular and do what she likes to do. Alli, excited by this idea, says it could be a dance club. Alli starts a dance club to rival the Power Squad, getting the new girl, Bianca, to join.

In 99 Problems (2) During practice, Bianca shows up and shows off her
dance moves and impresses everyone, especially Alli. After a while, Alli decides that they should all go to the football game together, but Bianca disagrees. Later on after a break, Alli comes back with news that they will be performing at the game, even though none of them are ready. Bianca refuses and Alli cuts her from the club. Bianca proudly leaves and the rest of the club follow her, leaving Alli all alone. At the game, she is the only one left to perform and states that if anyone wants to join her, they are welcome to do so. At first Alli is dancing alone, but Clare joins her and soon everyone else in the bleachers starts dancing too.

In Better Off Alone (1) Alli has taken a liking to Drew. Alli's seen with Clare in the hall where Clare's talking about Eli and Alli says, "I get it Clare, you're in love with Eli." Clare pushes her towards Drew and Alli stammers, and ends up with Drew saying, "Your Sav's little sister right? I'll see you around." She asks Dave what to do in order to get his attention, and he suggests that she throws a party. At lunch, Drew overhears that she is throwing a "party", and she asks him if he wants to come and he accepts. That night, while the party's going on and Drew's playing (supposedly Rock Band, Band Hero, or Guitar Hero, any of those games) on the guitar, Alli hypothetically asks Dave that if she had a crush on him what would he think, and he says that he would be the luckiest guy in the world. Alli then decides that everyone will play "I Never". All&nbsp

File:163px-Drew and alli kiss degrassi season 10.png
throughout the game, Alli and Drew flirt. Drew starts by saying that he never sexted, Dave chuckles but Alli takes off a bracelet. She tells Drew it's a long story and he says that it always is. Alli says, "Never have I ever liked someone in this room," and removes her jacket when Dave points out she can't remove an article of clothing. Alli responds by saying, "Guess I'm still getting the hang of this game." Drew says "Never have

I ever wanted to make out with someone in this room." Alli says, "Wow...when did it get to be...8 o'clock" and the party leaves. Later on, Drew shows up at her door step saying that he is missing his watch, and the two start making out.

In Better Off Alone (2) Alli thinks that Drew is now her boyfriend. She tells Dave, and at first he thinks she is talking about him, and is heartbroken when he finds out she was referring to Drew. Later on, Alli asks Drew if he wants to go see a movie with her or go to The Dot. He says that he already has plans and that since he's QB1, he's really busy. Drew later tells Alli that he still wants to spend time with her, and she suggests that they go see the movie. Instead, he suggests they go make out some more, and they go back to Alli's house.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1) Jenna and Alli walk in talking about how everyone is excited for the Power Squad Calender photo shoot.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2) Alli says that she even heard a lady at the grocery store heard about it and dropped her melons. Later, during lunch, Alli tells Jenna that everyones been talking about her incident and tells Alli that instead of taking diet pills, she just asked Chantay to get her a bigger sized uniform. She then asks Alli if she wants any of the bananas and ranch dressing she has been eating.

You Don't Know My Name (1) In the morning, Alli's wondering about her relationship with Drew and confronts him. He says that they're 'Friends With Benefits". Alli then tells K.C. and Jenna but Alli feels third-wheelish when Jenna and K.C. get all romantic in front of her. Alli asks Drew to double with her, Jenna and K.C. at the dance. Drew declines, saying he has too much work to do to get his grades up. In an effort to take a load off of his work, Alli take matters into her own hands by doing
Drew's report on the Victorian Era for him, unintentionally implying he was stupid. Drew breaks up with Alli by saying, "For a genius, you're not very smart." He walks away angrily, leaving Alli with tears filling up her eyes. Alli walks by Drew in an angry way, looking back at him.

In You Don't Know My Name (2) She is seen sitting outside The Dot with Jenna. Alli tells her she has seen a mean side of Drew, and Jenna asks if she's over him. Alli looks over and sees Drew walking towards The Dot with Marisol, making her think he is over her. Alli asks Jenna if they could go, and they both leave The Dot. As Alli is crossing the street, Drew follows her out, bored by his date with Marisol, and asks her to the dance. She declines his invitation due to the fact he had already asked Marisol out so soon after their then break up. The next day at school, Drew asks a few of his team

mates to help him out after Adam gives him some advice that the 'right girl might need some effort'. But his efforts are futile, as Alli again declines his invite to the dance. At the dance, Alli is seen dancing with another guy as Drew watches. Adam goes up to Alli, telling her that Jenna wants to see her at the photobooth.When Alli shows up, she sees Drew and sarcastically states that he isn't Jenna. Drew apologizes and gives Alli all of the reasons why he likes her. They proceed to take photos in the photobooth. The next day, Alli is seen at her locker, hanging up the photos. Drew comes up to her, saying that he is looking for his girlfriend, and Alli says that she is looking for her boyfriend. Drew puts a label on Alli's forehead that reads "DREW'S GIRLFRIEND" and another on his that states "ALLI'S BOYFRIEND", and they walk off holding hands.

Tears Dry On Their Own (1) Alli suspects Jenna is pregnant and sneaks pregnancy books from the school library, getting detention. Later, after detention and Jenna returns from her audition, she congratulates Jenna on being accepted and after K.C. leave to get drinks, she asks if Jenna will take a pregnancy test and she says yes. Alli comforts Jenna while she waits for the results of the pregnancy test. They discuss options and future and after a long 3 minutes, Jenna is found pregnant.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (2) Alli asks how Jenna is feeling and she responds, pregnant. Alli encourages Jenna to talk to K.C. and discuss options and Jenna doesn't feel ready to tell him. Alli continues to try to persuade Jenna on telling K.C. but keeps pushing it back. After Jenna tells K.C., Alli accompanies Jenna at The Next Teen Star and Alli pretends to be pregnant to try to get answers from the producer.

In Purple Pills (1) Alli is seen jumping out of her seat when a stink bomb Clare throws in the class surrounds Alli's desk, which causes her to feel nauseous.
File:Jenna and alli pregnancy test degrassi season 10.png

In All Falls Down (1)Alli is seen on a bench with Drew, helping him study for a exam. When Drew decides that there's no point, he'll fail the exam anyway, he suggests some other activities. Alli only allows him one kiss, but, ironically at that moment, Mrs.Torres spots them. Mrs.Torres says Drew should be studying, and blames Alli for the reason he's failing. Alli tries to introduce herself, but Mrs.Torres isn't interested, and goes to her meeting. Alli is worried about the first impression she gave Drew's mom, while Drew tries to tell her it doesn't matter, and tries to kiss her. Alli, however is determined, and forces him to focus on the exam. Alli is then seen with Clare, walking into their exam, discussing Clare's recent kiss with Eli. Alli pushes Clare to ask Eli what they are, and makes up the scenario about the dreaded 'Car Wash Girl' After the advice, they write there exams. After Alli's exam, she meets Drew again, to help him study. Drew receives a text from Bianca- her sending him promiscuous photo- Alli at first jokes with Drew, but sensing somethings up, she takes his phone, and flips out, saying "why is Bianca sending you sexy photos?" Drew doesn't really say much, but when Alli says "I'm going to kill her" Drew reacts, telling her it would only give her the satisfaction, he also tells her he'll take care of it. Alli, still unsure, asks Drew "so I have nothing to worry about?" Drew agrees, and they both begin to study. Alli is seen taking the same exam as Drew, after the exam, Drew comes over to Alli, where she goes over the exam and how easy it was. Drew obviously wants to spend the time

before the dance with Alli, but she reveals she'll be at Clare's getting ready for Vegas Night- but offers to cancel. At Clare's Alli is preparing
for the dance and talking to Jenna about how happy she is for a break, to relax and be away from school. Jenna remarks how Alli will probably sneak away on romantic dates with Drew. Alli then helps Jenna cover up her baby bump with a boa. Clare then enters, and Alli mocks her outfit for the dance. When Clare tells both Alli and Jenna she is going with Fitz, Alli and Jenna share confused, and bewildered looks, as Clare explains why. Alli jokingly asks Clare "when did your life become west-side story?" Alli is last seen giggling and fixing her hair in front of the mirror with Jenna,

In All Falls Down (2) Alli is seen talking to Chantay, when Drew, worried about her finding out about him, Bianca and the boiler room, asks her if she wants to leave. Alli flirtatiously asks where they will go, and Bianca comes from behind and cheekily says "the Boiler Room is free". Alli laughs at the idea, while Drew gives Bianca a warning look when saying "it's nothing." Bianca then mentions that he didn't see it that way when they were down there. Alli has a puzzled expression, asking Drew what Bianca is talking about. Bianca tells Alli that her and Drew were in the boiler room together then leaves. Alli turns to Drew, infuriated, asking him if its true. When Drew comfirmes being in the boiler room with Bianca, Alli starts crying and assumes they had sex. He says no
File:Degrassi boiling point.jpg

Alli then asks if they just kissed and Drew lies, and says yes. Drew tries telling Alli it was a huge mistake, and he'd do anything to take it back, but Alli walks away, crying. In the hallway, Alli sits on a bench, heartbroken, when Drew comes up and apologizes yet again, asking for her forgiveness. Alli enquires if it was just a kiss, making sure it was nothing more, and Drew,

looking a bit guilty, agrees. Alli agrees to take him back, but he if forbidden to talk to Bianca, which he agrees too, they kiss, deciding to enjoy the rest of the evening. When Alli catches Drew talking to Bianca, Drew says he's trying to keep her quiet. Bianca says her lips are sealed, Alli, Still angry with Bianca, sharply tells her not to kiss other girls boyfriends. Bianca laughs that Drew told Alli they only kissed, Drew tries to explain but Alli nudges away from him. Bianca then turns to Alli and says they got intimate and implies that she performed oral sex on Drew. Alli tells Drew he's disgusting and runs away. Later, Alli and Drew are crowned King & Queen but she is nowhere to be found. Owen confronts her and asks her what's wrong. When she tells him Drew cheated on her and that Drew is a nasty pig, he says that he is a moron and agrees with her. He says guys would pay big

bucks to hook up with her and she says she wants to make Drew jealous by making it sound like her and Owen were going to hook up in the boiler room. When Owen won't take no for an answer, Drew runs into the boiler room and chases him off. In tears, Alli says she loved him, but he treated her like dirt and he says he didn't think he deserved her. Drew's mom runs down and asks Drew what Alli did to him. She later calls Alli a common whore, blaming everything on her, and she is last seen staring at Drew who doesn't defend her.

In Don't Let Me Get Me Alli returns to school
from break hoping to get a fresh start apart from Drew and Bianca. She thinks of joining the Science Olympics when they are short one member. She ends up getting some shocking news from Adam that Drew spent all break crying over their breakup and she reconsiders giving him a second chance. Although Clare opposes of the second chance, Alli believes she should. After a talk with Mr. Simpson, he tells her that she has to go to a self-esteem seminar due to her actions at the Night in Vegas Dance. After telling Drew he's on "probation", she is shocked to find out that Drew doesn't have to attend the seminar due to the fact that it's an all-girls seminar. At a meeting of the Science Olympics, Connor and Wesley ask Alli if the rumors of Vegas Night are true and she seeks out to clear her name.
At the seminar, Alli and Bianca go out on each other bashing one another. During a break, Alli takes Bianca's phone and sends a naked photo of Bianca to everyone in her contacts. Alli asked Connor if he got the picture of Bianca.Then Bianca comes into the class telling her someone's gonna get beat, referring to her. Bianca punches Alli, and Alli throws Bianca into desks, starting a brawl between the two. Mr. Simpson breaks it up and at the conference with her parents, her dad learns that she sexted Johnny and she is pronounced suspended for the

remainder of the day. Later that night, her mom demands to know what's written

in her diary by telling her to open it. Alli confesses that she had sex with Johnny and thought she had an STI. Her mom claims she doesn't know her. After hearing her mom and dad talk and cry, she is devastated thinking her parents hate her. The next day at school, Holly J. tells Alli that it was Drew's fault as much as it was Bianca's and sets out to fix everything. At home, she is talking to her parents who say they won't stop loving her. She says that boys tempt her to make dumb mistakes and concludes that she should leave Degrassi to go to an all-girls
school. At school, she tells Drew it's over and that she's leaving Degrassi. Then he tries to apologize, but she doesn't budge. She truly believes this is the right thing to do. After saying goodbye to Clare, she leaves in tears. Alli is captain of the Degrassi Science Olympics, but since she has left Degrassi, it's currently unknown who their new captain will be.

In The Way We Get By (1) Alli is at home eating breakfast with Sav. While talking about her new all-girls school,

he suggests she become friends with a family friend named Malika, who is said to be a "saint." Alli agrees. She is next seen at her new school.
File:Alli Being Isolated At Her All Girls School.jpg
She tries to talk to Malika, but she ignores her. After introducing herself, Alli invites the girl to dinner at her house, which she agrees to. At Alli's house, Malika, Alli, and her mom are eating dinner. Alli asks her mother for her to spend the night there. While watching TV, Malika says that the sleepover was the perfect opportunity to go see her boyfriend. She asks Alli to toss her her purse, and cigarettes fall out. Alli asks "You smoke? What do your parents think?" Malika responds by saying "That they have a daughter who doesn't smoke." Malika leaves, and Alli has a surprised, but disappointed look on her face as the scene fades to black. In the morning has come back around but Malika is still no where to be found.

In The Way We Get By (2) Alli is pacing in the kitchen scared she's going to get caught. But as Sav starts to notice Malika's
File:Alli B.jpg
disappearance, Malika walks in through the front door before they get caught. Later at school, Malika and Alli are able to get out of class by telling their teacher they're going to pray. Alli realizes it's a cover for Malika to

sneak out of class to smoke. But when Malika has Alli hold her cigarette so she can get something out of her purse, Mrs. Bhandari drives up and notices the girls at the bench so she goes to talk to them but as she approaches, Malika tells Alli to toss the cigarette but Alli is confused and doesn't and her mom notices Alli holding the cigarette. Alli tries to give the cigarette back to Malika but she says it isn't hers. Alli tries to explain that it isn't hers but Malika blames her for lying. Alli was distraught, helpless and broken, Alli seeks Sav for comfort, for he's the only person who believes her.  

Jesus, Etc. (1) The Bhandari’s aren't happy with Alli because of her situation with Malika. She’s been suspended for smoking on campus and Sav has offered to drive her to the library every day, the one place she’s allowed to visit. Alli tells Sav how much she appreciates his support and then starts rambling about Drew. Sav has his own share of problems to deal with. He is trying to compose an original song to submit to Music Conservatory’s, but he needs a drummer. He auditions drummers for the song, but most of them fails to impress Sav, until Drew walks in. Sav knows that he could never work with Drew after he cheated on Alli, but then he hears Drew plays, and impresses Sav. Sav decides to try to carefully tell Alli that he and Drew are going to work together.

Sav knows he can’t betray Alli, but Drew was the only drummer that didn’t make him want to cut his ears off. So, he decides to work with Drew and pray that Alli won’t find out. Things are going great with their practice. They give each other a hug and Bianca takes a pic to commemorate the day, when Alli shows up to Degrassi wondering why Sav didn't picked her from the library up after school. Alli gets mad at Sav and leaves. At home, Alli is enraged with Sav. She goes off on him, screaming that Drew is the source of all her problems and the reason that she’s suspended and that her parents aren’t talking to her. She feels betrayed by Sav, but Sav isn’t going to take this lying down. Though it sucks that he sided with the guy that cheated on his sister, Sav fires back at her, telling Alli that Drew didn’t make her date Johnny, dress in revealing clothing or get in a fight with Bianca, those were all her decisions. Enraged Alli walks away leaving Sav regretting about what he said to her. Alli has disappeared and Sav and his parents are on a search for her.

In Jesus, Etc. (2) Alli is not seen but at the end of the episode, a policewoman shows the Bhandaris surveillance footage of Alli getting into an unknown car. The policewoman refuses to jump to conclusions but the Bhandaris think Alli may have been kidnapped.The Bhandari’s are getting more and more worried about Alli. Sav tells Holly J that they have surveillance of Alli getting into a car and that they’re making a plan with the police that night.

Hide and Seek (1) Sav is upset that the police can’t do anything to find Alli, but he needs to keep a lid on, but somehow it upset Mrs. Bhandari. He’s talked to all of Alli’s friends and none of them have seen her. Sav is on the hunt for his sister. He goes on to check at Johnny's apartment. Johnny says that he hasn’t seen Alli, but Alli actually is in his dorm. Alli felt like she had no one else to turn to and Johnny agrees to let her stay for the night. Later, Alli goes online to her Facerange account and sees a poster of her missing, and sees that some people miss her, while others are happy she took off. She sees an advertisement on the Facerange site, and tells Johnny that she wants to move to Vancouver. Johnny is surprised to hear that. Johnny points out that the police will be looking for her, so she needs a disguise. Johnny tells her to stay till the morning to figure out how. Next morning Johnny's girlfriend Kayla arrives. She is a drama major and helps Alli meet other people in Johnny’s dorm and collect different clothes and a wig. The next day, Alli overhears Kayla saying that she doesn’t want Alli around. Alli tries to take off, but Johnny convinces her to stay for another night. He’s hoping that if he can show her how cool University is, she’ll want to go back home finish high school, but Alli doesnt listen to him and she leaves Johnny's apartment. Johnny calls Alli who refuses to go back to his dorm or stay longer.
File:Alli In Her Disguise Talking On Her Cell Phone.jpg
After some persuasion, he lets her

go off to Vancouver as long as she calls when she gets there.

In Hide and Seek (2) But when she asks a fellow runaway for help on how to make money or get a place to stay, he steals her bag with her bus ticket. With no where else to go, she returns to Johnny's dorm, only to discover that he ratted her out to Sav. He tells her that he won't force her to come home. However, she returns home and the family have a talk. They all realize that they don't talk to each other or open up anymore and decide it's time for a clean slate. They decide to start seeing a therapist and take a family photo together.

File:Alli bhands.jpg
In Chasing Pavements (1) Alli is glad to be back at Degrassi. She has the loving support of her parents, she couldn't care less about Drew, and the teachers seem extra stoked to have her back. Alli devises a plan to gather the “dumb” grade 10 students (and Drew), and tutor them to prepare them for the test. Of course, like most teenagers, they aren’t motivated to study on their own. The only way Alli gets them to study is to (without Simpson’s initial permission) promise the students a dance if they do well on the test.

In Chasing Pavements (2) They do well in the tests, Mr. Simpson’s job is saved, the school gets a dance and

everyone are happy.

In Drop the World (2)Jenna has her baby shower at K.C.'s house with Alli.Afterwards, Alli and Jenna begin cleaning up and Alli questions K.C.'s commitment to the relationship and baby, which Jenna responds by saying that he has already built the crib and that she let him go play basketball (thinking the crib was built). Alli looks in the corner to see the unopened crib and makes a comment. Later,
K.C. walks away when Alli meets up with Jenna and Jenna tells her how hard K.C. is now working. Clare shows up at the Spring Formal and so does Alli. Alli tries to convince Clare to break up with Eli, but she is hesitant to do so. Alli tells her that he is manipulating her and that breaking up with him wouldn't make her a bad person.

In Drop the World (2) Clare decides to break up with Eli. Later, Clare goes back to the Spring Formal to find Alli in the entrance. She tells her she wants to dance and have fun. Alli tells her that lets have fun, and they both walk back in to the Spring Formal.

Season 11Edit


In Spring Fever Alli attends a Keke Palmer Concert with Sav and helps him get over his breakup with Holly J.

In LoveGame Alli is at Above The Dot after school with Dave, K.C., and Sadie. Clare and Jake arrive and Clare introduces her, Sadie, Dave & KC to Jake, Alli then asks Clare if he has met Eli. She also talks to Jenna about K.C. and Tyson. The next day, Clare tells her she and Jake kissed.

In Cry Me A River (1) Alli and Clare are happy that they have clubs again. She is there for Clare when Clare wants to join the Degrassi Daily. Alli ask Sav if he can overpower Katie, and let Clare join.

In Paper Planes (1) Alli goes into the girls lockeroom, and sees a male. Connor gets scared and accidently knocks her over. Alli notices the sweater her nana knitted her is on Connor's app.

In Paper Planes (2) she says she left the locker room during the Volleyball Game. She then realizes that it was Connor who was in the locker room.

In Should've Said No (1) Clare tells Alli about her problem with going for Jake, Alli tells her if she likes him, she should go for him. Later, Alli asked Dave to Couples Fondue Night because they were doing a bet to see if his Sadie would get mad. So on
Friday they went to The Dot and started eating and Marisol walks up to them, saying she had no idea they were a couple. They, of course, deny this, but she isn't convinced. Dave realizes what it looks like and ditches Alli.

In Should've Said No (2) Dave makes Sadie jealous by helping Alli with the Movie Night posters,and during the movie he breaks up with her, causing her to go off on him. He asks Alli out which she accepts.

In Lose Yourself (1) Alli is walking with Dave when Jenna ask if she seen K.C. and Alli motions to her that he left with Marisol. Jenna asks Alli if they been hooking up behind her back and Alli is confused while Dave lets Jenna know that they indeed by hooking up and cheating on her.

In Mr. Brightside (1) Alli is sick of hiding a boy from her parents once again so she decides to finally invite Dave over as her friend. Later that day Alli and Dave are seen outside at The Dot rehearsing on what to say so he can impress her parents. Dave is displeased because he wants to meet them as his normal self but Alli is subconious. Dave comes over, and even though things are going well, he knows the Bhandari's will never know the real him.

He gives an excuse and leaves.

In Mr. Brightside (2) Alli talks to Dave and they agree to start over and introduce Dave to her parents as her boyfriend. Alli tells her parents that Dave is her boyfriend, and they are OK with him coming over again. Dave dresses and behaves normally, and they all play cards together. With Dave getting along so well with her family that means they can spend a lot of time together over the summer. However, Alli learns that she’s been accepted into a science program, and she’ll have to be away for the entire summer.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1) Alli wants to make the night she tells Dave about the summer program a special night. When she tells him this, he assumes she means sex. That night he brings condoms and she tells him off. She also explains about the summer program. The next day Alli asks Adam what she should do for Dave and he suggests basketball. They organize a poker tournament at school. When she makes enough money, she buys tickets to a basketball game for Dave. She also signs up for a poker group. Before the game, Dave takes Alli to the Dot. He wants her to meet his family the next night. Alli gets a text about the poker group, which is scheduled for the next night, which she accepts.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2) she and Dave go to the Poker Tournament and she is caught counting cards. Before the other guys go off the police bust in, one of them being Dave's father, who is disgusted that Dave's girlfriend is a gambler.

In Dead and Gone (2) Alli is seen talking to Ms. Oh about Spaulding Science's Program, with Sav at her side. She promises to keep Sav updated, after he and Ms. Oh share a kiss and talk about Degrassi.


In Nowhere to Run, Alli is at Clare's house and she helps her get ready for Clare's mom's wedding. Alli finds out that Dave cheated on her during the summer. She goes down to Jake's cabin with Jake, Drew, Katie and Marisol, and ends up kissing Jake. Clare finds

them and runs off into the woods alone. The next day when everything is sorted out, Clare tells Alli they are no longer friends and to find another ride and that Jake's truck is full. Alli gets a ride from Katie and Marisol in Marisol's car.

In Underneath It All, Alli is seen sitting next to Jenna when Clare comes into the classroom. Alli gives Clare a friendly smile, but Clare ignores her and decides to sit by Connor instead. Alli seems to look disappointed that Clare didn't sit with her. It was said by Clare that both Alli and Jenna were giving her death glares in the morning.

In Smash Into You (1), Things are looking up for Dave and Alli's relationship after he signs up to help her with the Model UN event.

In Smah Into You (2), Alli receives a break-up text from Jacinta sent on Dave's phone.


  • Just like her brother Sav, only in a different phase, Alli has been confronted by the police. In Season 10, Sav was driving his parent's car which was reported as stolen, and in Season 11 Alli was caught gambling.
  • Alli is in the Gifted Program at Degrassi.
  • Alli lost her virginity to Johnny DiMarco in Season 8.
  • Alli lost her virginity before her older brother, Sav, lost his.
  • Alli is one of six girls to reveal herself on the camera. She sent naked pictures to her boyfriend Johnny DiMarco (in Season 9). The other five are:
  • Alli has been suspended twice, first for creating the "I Hate Holly J" group in Heat of the Moment, and second for fighting with Bianca in Don't Let Me Get Me (2).
  • She and her older brother, Sav, both lost their virginities in a car. She and Johnny had sex in a van, and Sav and Anya had sex in a limo.
  • Alli is the third character on Degrassi to run away from home, the first being Craig and the other was Fiona.
  • According to Melinda Shankar, Alli's name was originally supposed to be Abby, but was later changed.
  • Alli has been pushed down twice by Connor, once when she wouldn't give his pencil back to him, and again when she caught him in the girls locker room.
  • Alli and Sav both lied to their parents about who they were dating. Ironically, they accepted Dave for who he was, while they didn't accept Anya, though they did allow Sav to date Holly J.
  • Alli is the second character to develop an addiction to poker, the first being Marco.
  • Alli has made a bad first impression on two of her previous boyfriends' parents. The first was Drew when she was caught making out with him when they were supposed to be studying and later Dave, when his father, a cop, caught her gambling.
  • Her Twitter.
  • Alli has kissed two guys that Clare has dated (K.C. and Jake).
  • Alli has been cheated on twice, the first was Drew in All Falls Down (1) and the second was Dave before Nowhere To Run.


  • (To Sav): "You swore you wouldn't tell anybody!" (first line) {Uptown Girl (1)}
  • "This article says you can tell everything about a guy from their underwear. So, K.C., boxers or briefs?"
  • "I get it Clare, you're in love with Eli."
  • Alli: (referring to the sex toy in Clare's bag) "It's a... robot! For our project." Mr. Armstrong: "When do you think I was born?" Alli: "Depends. How old are you?"
  • Johnny: "Was that your first kiss?" Alli: "The next one won't be."
  • Johnny: "I'm a bad guy, Backwoods.. and you're better off without me." Alli: "Obviously, you're an idiot."
  • (To Dave) "And the pig went 'Wee wee wee, I'm a Russian dictator!'"
  • "I give you a 9 for making Jenna squirm and a 9.9 for wiping that grin off her face."
  • "I ...don't think we should hang out anymore..."
  • Clare: "What do you do when life hands you lemons?" Alli: "You throw them at Chantay!"
  • "Since when did our school become some bizarre white version of Fame?" (referring to the new girl Jenna)
  • (About Anya and Sav) "Oh my gosh, you guys are so intense! It's like high school drama 24/7!"
  • Alli (to Clare): "Has anyone ever died of embarrassment?" Clare: "No, just permanently scarred."
  • Drew: "So does ugh mean yes in Hindi?" Alli: "It means go away in caveman, I'm surprised you didn't know that."
  • (To Bianca) "If I didn't think it would risk your income, I'd smack you in yours!"
  • Alli (to Clare): "You know what could happen in two weeks? Eli could meet some cute girl at the car wash. She asks if he's taken; he's not sure. Next thing you know, those two are making out during the hot wax cycle."
  • (To her parents) "I HAVE changed, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to me!"
  • "Drumming with the enemy, Sav?!" (referring to Drew)
  • "God, he's so beautiful! Stupid, but beautiful." Alli to Malika referring to Drew.
  • (To Johnny) "Running away is my only escape."
  • (To Sav referring to his band) "Yeah, and who's on bass? Voldemort?"
  • (About Eli's story) Clare: "It's well written." Ali: "It's messed up!"
  • (To Jenna about the unbuilt baby crib) "I'm sure your baby will be very happy sleeping on top of a cardboard box."
  • "You can pick your jaw up off the floor any time now."
  • (To Clare) "Oh... so I guess judgy Clare is back..."
  • (To Clare) "Just because you kissed Eli on the lips, doesn't mean you have to stay with him forever!"
  • {In Spring Fever}: Sav: "So, why mess with what works?" Alli: "Because, sometimes when you take a risk, good things can happen."
  • {in LoveGame} "Clare Edwards, you little hussy!"
  • (to Clare about Katie): "Well, she sounds like a total B, with a side order of ITCH."
  • Clare: "I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!" Alli: "Eli?" Clare: "Why can't I stop picturing his half-naked body?" Alli: "Definitely not Eli."
  • (to Dave about Sadie): "What'd you do, insult Justin Bieber?"
  • Dave: "I used to like her until she totally rejected me." Alli: ..... What a bitch."
  • (To Dave): "Oh and Dave? I'm a 12." Dave-"At least."
  • (To Jenna) "Holy kick! You've got the next Christiano Ronaldo in there!"
  • (To Dave) "You're a prince." Dave: "And you're my princess."
  • (To Dave) "The real you wouldn't last for a second."
  • Officer Turner (To Dave): "This is your girlfriend?" Alli: "Hi, Mr. Turner..."
  • (To Sav): "You're so weird.."
  • (To Sav): "You don't have to say goodbye to every brick."
  • (To Sav): "There will still be plenty of drama in those halls next year."
  • "Why the hell not? It's the Johnny I see the one I like! I don't get why you act like such a loser it's STUPID!"
  • (To Clare) "Dave's kind of a guy right?"
  • (To Jenna): "Go tip a cow or something."
  • (To Emma) "So you go to Smithdale right, so what's it like?
  • (To Jake): "So you have murderers with fire pokers and wolves, anything else?"
  • Bianca: "Don't answer it." Alli: "What if it's Clare and Jake?"
  • Bianca: "The door's unlocked." Alli: "Then who would be knocking?"
  • "Leave it to me to lose Dave and my best friend in less than 24 hours. Back to school's gonna be so fun."
  • "Excuse me? This coming from boiler room Bianca ring a bell, you and Drew my boyfriend at the time?"


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