Adam Torres
Full Name Adam Torres
Nickname(s) A. Torres (by Dave)LL-Cool-A. (by Dave) VideoGame Kid (by Bullfrog)

Grasshopper (by Eli)

Rocky (by Eli)

Prince Adam (by Fiona)

Gender Male (FTM)
Date of Birth 1995
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family Audra Torres (Mother)Omar Torres (Step-Father)

Drew Torres (Brother) Unnamed Father Unnamed Uncle

Relationships Fiona Coyne (Ex-Girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi's Radio(Co-host; withDave)
First Episode I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1) (1009)
Portrayed By Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres is a junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School. He is an FTM transgender teen who was born with the name "Gracie". He transferred to Degrassi with his older step-brother, Drew, to escape problems at his old school. Adam tried to keep a low profile at first, but when he was exposed by Bianca, he found that he could be himself and still have good friends. He is best friends with Eli Goldsworthy, and good friends with Clare Edwards, Dave Turner and Bianca DeSousa. He is known for his wit, honesty, humor, and his fierce loyalty to his friends. He is portrayed by Jordan Todosey.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 10Edit

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Adam is first seen as one of the contestants who are trying to win backstage passes to the Dead Hand concert by keeping one hand on a red truck. He is a new sophomore at Degrassi. Being the only two left with their hands on the red truck, Adam and Eli come to the agreement that they can split the tickets, each getting two instead of four this sparks a friendship between the two. After they get the tickets, Sav asks them both to help unload the truck, but Adam isn't able to hold a stereo system and drops it, busting the truck's tail light. Adam, looking afraid, looks at the tail light in horror. Later in the episode, Eli fixes the tail light, and Sav is grateful. Sav says, "I can't believe you got it in there!" with Adam responding, "Hah, that's what my ex-girlfriend said." Eli then tells him that that is gross. Sav tries to see if the tail light works, and as it turns on Adam yells, "Booyah!" with Eli asking, "Who are you?" Adam looks down, sheepishly. Adam and Eli then tell Sav they need a ride to the concert, and they should take Sav's dad's truck. Sav tells them that he will try and convince his dad. Now in The Dot, Adam and Eli are told by Sav that his dad said no, but that he will take the car to the concert anyway.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Sav, Eli, and Adam gather near the J.T. Yorke Memorial to find ideas on how to keep Sav's parents busy while they're at the concert. He offers them two Bollywood show tickets as an apology. His mother tells his father that Sav is being "sincere," and that he's honestly sorry and she does trust him. At first his father feels he is up to something suspicious, but accepts the tickets. When he goes out to pick up Eli and Adam, he seems unsure about going to the concert, thinking about what his mother said about how she really "trusts"
File:Adam, eli, sav degrassi season 10.png
him. Both Adam and Eli admit that they'd never take a chance to steal their parents car to go to a concert. They are about to leave until they hear the band is going to do an encore. After the encore, Sav rushes to the car, bringing Bianca because she is too drunk to drive. While driving home, Eli mentions they won't be able to make it on time. At first, Sav says he's not going to speed, but does anyway since he only has twelve minutes. When the police start following him, and say that the car had benn stolen. Sav returns home and gets a lecture from his father. The next day at school, Adam and Eli go up to him and Sav apologizes for ruining their night. Adam insists that they should all play music one day, and tells Sav that he should tell his Dad that he just has an emergency student council meeting. Sav remarks that he should just stick with being truthful instead of sneaking around, and Eli and Adam agree. In the last scene, Adam admits Sav is his hero.
File:Eli Punch.png

In Try Honesty (1), it seems Adam becomes a victim of Fitz's bullying after Eli confronts Fitz in the parking lot for breaking a skull piece off of the hood of his car. The reason why Adam becomes a target is because he stands by Eli's side and sticks up for his friend. Fitz asks, "What the hell are you looking at?" to which Adam responds, "I'm trying to figure that out." Later after class is over in school, Fitz is picking on Adam once again. He shoves Adam against a locker, and nearly punches him in the face after Adam remarks to him that he stinks. However, Eli defends Adam and stops Fitz from punching him. Later in the episode, Adam is confused

File:Eli Clare Adam.png

when Eli tells him he was hit with a low blow by Fitz, making Eli confused when he doesn't understand the reference. As a quick save, Adam says, "Aw man...I hate it when that happens...hurts so bad." Eli looks confused, but keeps talking. He helps Eli pick out photographs of high profile criminals from an "FBI Most Wanted" database in order to forge Fitz a fake ID as a 'peace treaty,' so as to give Fitz the identity of a criminal. Eli comments on Adam's uncanny ability to compare the facial features of the criminals with those of Fitz, saying that he is really good at it, to which Adam nervously refutes, "No, I'm not." It is possible that this makes Adam uncomfortable because a distinct female attribute is good facial recognition skills, and he doesn't want his cover to be blown, as he is a FTM.(Female to Male transgender)

In You Don't Know My Name (2), Adam is seen tutoring his stepbrother, Drew, and giving him girl advice. At first Adam, is giving him essay advice, and in the end he is giving him advice on getting Alli. Adam helps Drew untie his football shoes, and in order to help his brother, he tells Alli to go meet Jenna in the photo booth, but it's really Drew inside.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), The main plot centers around him trying to navigate school life while not outing himself. He tells Eli that he thinks Bianca DeSousa is hot, to which Eli comments, "Sure, in a scary SUV-hit-and-run-club-district kind of way." Adam tries to flirt with Bianca, which is interrupted when he suddenly rushes off to his locker to grab tampons, because he notices his period coming on. While trying to discreetly carry them off, he bumps into Clare and drops his tampons. To avoid suspicion from Owen and Fitz who
walked by, he
File:38203 416065989118 54557829118 4380128 893905 n.jpg
hands (faking being disgusted) them to Clare, who pretends they are hers. Later when confronting Clare and Eli (who Clare told about the incident) about what happened, he tells them the truth about how he is a FTM (Female-To-Male) transgender person and they take it normally, and this news does not seem to affect their friendship in any way. Adam tries to flirt with Bianca a second time, which seems to work out well, until she makes physical contact with his chest. Bianca chases Adam and rips open his shirt to reveal a medical bandage around his chest, thus forcefully outing him to her. When Adam tries to use the men's restroom, Fitz and Owen follow him in and harass him, which ends with Adam being thrown against a glass door. When Drew sees what happened to Adam, he gets upset and tries to fight Fitz. Fitz beat up Drew, while Owen held Adam back. Adam is last seen asking if Drew is okay.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), starts with Drew, Adam, and Mrs. Torres sitting in the principal's office with Mr. Simpson, after the events of the last episode. Mrs. Torres demands that Adam be transferred to another school and rants on about how transgender students in high school get death threats and being assaulted. Mr. Simpson informs them that Fitz and Owen had been suspended, Adam would be forced to walk to class with a teacher, and Adam would need to use the handicap bathroom. Adam is being walked down the hall by a teacher and being gawked at. The teacher allows him to sit down with Clare and Eli, who seem to not have a problem with Adam being transgender. Adam informs Clare and Eli that his family has never really accepted him, and that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. Adam arrives at remedial gym, where Bianca, the one who outed Adam, is telling about how she accidentally touched Adam's breasts to listeners. Adam approaches Bianca and asks her if she'll still be his dance partner. Bianca denies being a lesbian, and Adam says neither is he and that they both need partners,
to which Bianca says that Adam needs therapy and threatens Adam, walking away. The gym teacher approaches Adam and asks him who his partner is. Adam lies and says that his ankle hurts and the teacher lets him sit out. Adam is, then seen with his mother shopping. He picks out a plaid guys' shirt and asks if he can wear that to dinner, Mrs. Torres shakes her head and picks out a white girls' shirt. Adam says that he's thought about "introducing Adam to Grams." Mrs. Torres responds that if that's the case, Adam shouldn't come to dinner. Mrs. Torres admits that she's scared Adam will start hurting himself again and Adam denies doing it in a long time. At dinner, Grams, Mrs. Torres, Mr. Torres, and Drew are all looking at the menu. Grams asks where "Gracie" is and Mrs. Torres lies and says that "Gracie" had other appointments. Adam suddenly appears, dressed as "Gracie." Everyone, aside from the unknowing Grams, is shocked. Grams shows everybody pictures of young Drew and a young Adam as Gracie. "Gracie" announces that she has something to say, but Mrs. Torres begs "Gracie" not to say anything. Grams gives "Gracie" a questioning look and "Gracie" says that she's taking ballroom dancing class. Adam is sitting alone in his room, looking at his arm, which is covered in burn marks. Drew knocks on the door and asks to be let in.
Adam ignores him and unwraps the bandages he used to hide his breasts. As Gracie, Adam appears at remedial gym class and Bianca makes a snide comment. The teacher sends her to the principal's office. After class, "Gracie" is sitting outside, lighting a hair clip with a lighter and burning himself when Clare walks by and sees what "Gracie" is doing. "Gracie" quickly throws the clip on the table and presses her hand against her newly acquired burn mark. "Gracie" says that if she's Gracie, everything's easier. Clare comforts her and says that she doesn't have to be Gracie if it doesn't make her happy. "Gracie"
says that it makes everyone else happier, so she has to change. Clare tells "Gracie" that she doesn't need to change, everyone else does. Clare escorts Gracie, now deciding to go back to Adam, back inside. Adam, dressed as a guy, gets into his mother's car and asks what she sees: a boy or a man. Mrs. Torres admits that she sees him as a girl. Adam begs for his mother to see him as her son, not her daughter. Adam is lighting a bonfire with Eli and Clare when Drew, along with Mrs. and Mr. Torres, appear. Drew is carrying Gracie's clothes and they burn the shirt and pants. Mrs. Torres hands Adam a picture of a young Gracie holding a book, and Adam is reluctant to burn it, saying that it's still him.

In Still Fighting It (1), Clare is seen confiding in Adam that she likes Eli, and she suspects he feels the same about her, but they need to take the next step. Adam tells her he feels the same way. Eli interrupts them, with the play they are going to film, Romeo & Juliet. Adam is then seen walking in a park-like setting with Eli and Clare. Clare says she'll play Juliet, and asks Eli and Adam who'll play Romeo. Eli is quick to step up to the role, while Adam rolls his eyes, Eli then makes an excuse to cover up his need to play Romeo, to which Adam responds "Yeah, what are you not the expert on?" The would-be couple sit on the bench, discussing the play, while Adam sets up the video equipment. Eli and Clare have having a moment, when they agree a kiss could work for their video project, which Adam interrupts,with the line "Thats cute." After the kiss Eli and Clare share, Adam can be seen rolling his eyes, definitely feeling like a 'third wheel'. The next day in English, Clare is beaming, and happily tells Adam that she believes that her and Eli took that 'next step' they needed. When Eli begins giving Clare the cold shoulder, Adam asks Clare what she did, and even sniffs her. They both look at Eli, confused.

In Still Fighting It (2), Clare is seen talking to Adam how it is unacceptable that he missed there presentation day for there film project, even though he's been giving her the cold shoulder. Clare then asks to get Adam to investigate for her, which Adam complains about going from third wheel to go-between, although, he does give in. Adam is seen later, against lockers with Eli, reading comic books. Adam leads to conversation into Clare, asking the reasons for Eli distance. Adam tells him he should tell her about "you know." Eli counters, saying, "She doesn't need to know." Adam, over exaggerating, mentions "she's dying" which gets a cold look from Eli in return, and quickly rewords it to "hurting really bad." Eli mentions some feelings for Clare, and how its better this way for her, Adam tries to convince him otherwise, but Eli seems to be done with the topic, and tells him to read his comic book. Later, Clare is talking to Adam by his locker, saying after the project, she can try and move on. Adam tries to convince her to give Eli time, knowing Eli's true feelings. This intrigues Clare, figuring out Adam did some investigating after all. Adam doesn't tell her much, so Clare asks him for Eli's address, Adam refuses at first, until Clare takes his Goon comic hostage, and Adam caves. Adam is then seen with Clare and Eli when showing there real film project to Ms. Dawes . He interrupts the conversation, noticing there speaking again, but, as soon as things get personal between Eli and Clare, and awkward for Adam, he exits the room.

In Purple Pills (1), Adam makes plans with Eli at The Dot, to hangout after school. He tells Eli that he ordered a pay per view movie, and Eli jokes around saying he doesn't want to watch that kind of stuff, but Adam tells him he's gross and that it's a movie on kung-fu. Fitz comes in and starts to bust them, but Eli tells him to get lost. After Eli tells him that he can't because he has to stay home and study. Adam is upset because he was hoping to do something, but just ignores it. After, school he goes back to The Dot and sees Eli and Clare on having a study hangout. Eli is embarrassed and he explains everything. Adam is pissed off, and tries to ignore him. Eli and Clare then offer for him to tag along, but Adam tells them he wont because he's not going to be a third wheel again. At school the next day
Adam ignores Eli and Clare's seating area, and listens to Fitz when he asks if Adam wants to sit across from him. Adam is confused that Fitz was an enemy and now he's trying to be a friend. Fitz also says it's a free country and Adam can do whatever he wants. They eat lunch and have a friendly conversation, and when Eli confronts Adam, Adam basically makes fun of Eli and makes him leave pissed off. At The Dot after school, Eli confronts Adam about him hanging out with the bully, Fitz. Adam tells him he's tired of being pitied and being the third wheel. He makes Eli feel bad and give up to say that he pitied him. Adam ignores Eli and Clare and continues to hang with Fitz.

In Purple Pills (2), Fitz and Adam are working out, when Adam is not able to lift the weights because of him

File:Th 450x331-1022-eliandadam.jpg
having a female body, and then says he wants to fight somebody. so Fitz invited Bianca to fight him because Fitz says no Guy is going to want to punch a girl, but Adam says he is not a girl and runs off. Later he punches Fitz in the stomach, then throws him to the ground, and says he will fight him later. Adam's friends, Eli and Clare try to convince him to not show up but he does anyway. Later Eli shows up to the fight and Fitz punches him causing his lip to bleed but Clare sets a stink bomb inside a wiffle ball on fire to make the smoke alarm go off causing them to evacuate the school and break up the fight. Though technically, Adam did win by kicking Fitz in his private parts. He also looks good in a sweater. The school went outside after the whole fight was over with.

In All Falls Down (1), Adam is seen possibly studying with Clare against lockers, and when she tells him the news for her new date for Vegas Night,he replies "How can you date that bastard!" Clare fills him in on its only one date to a school dance. Adam asks her what Eli reaction was when she told him, surprised once figuring out she hadn't told him yet. Adam is there when Clare, quite nervously tries to hint to Eli about there now-changed plans. Adam, decides to help Clare out and spills to Eli that Clare is attending Vegas Night with Fitz. When Clare flips out, he only replies with "Its better to rip the bandage off" and then leaves Eli and Clare to sort it out.

In All Falls Down (2), Adam is first seen telling Drew to "man up and tell Alli the truth." Drew dismisses the idea, while Adam warns him that she will find out- oral sex is hot gossip. Drew chooses to ignore Adam's advice, and leaves to see Alli. Adam is seen in the background of the dance, including when Alli and Drew are named the King&Queen. Adam is then seen glancing over at Fitz throwing up because of what Eli slipped into his drink. Later, Drew finds Adam, and asks if he seen Alli, which he hasn't. Drew reminisces on his relationship with Alli just the day before. Adam asks Drew what he messed it all up with Bianca, where Drew confides that Bianca made him feel like a 'rock star', Adam tells him he know has rock star problems. Adam sits though the card game he's playing when Drew chews out Bianca, who had appeared. When Clare is franticly looking for Eli, she pulls Adam aside, where he greets her with "What's up, Brutus?". She then informs him that Fitz has a knife. Adam looks shocked, asking if he'll use it. Clare tells Adam to find Simpson and tell him, while she hunts for Eli.

File:Tumblr l9xryvt87J1qdn7ado1 400.jpg
In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Adam is seen as being part of the Science Olympics, along with Wesley and Connor. However, they need 4 members to participate. They enter Alli, who wants to join. The three boys seem confused about how someone like Alli would want to join Science Olympics, but Alli proves she is capable. When practicing, it is mentioned they need a captain. Adam isn't interested, claiming he doesn't want to bring more attention onto himself. Alli is then chosen to be the team captain. Adam tells Alli "Drew was right, you are awesome." When realizing he upset Alli, he tells her he'll try not to mention He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but mentions he knew about the boiler room incident with Drew and Bianca. Adam begins to tell Alli how he had to listen to Drew cry over their break, about ruining 'the best relationship he ever had' and how he was forced to walk past Alli's house all the time. Adam tells her we won't mention him again, Alli agrees that what Drew did was wrong, and she can't forgive him, but her face shows something else. During another Science Olympics meeting, Adam is with Wesley and Connor when they ask Alli if the boiler room rumors about her are true.

In Umbrella (1), Adam and Drew comments that they'll need more volunteers for the food drive, and then Fiona enters. Fiona is looking for a teacher, but Drew, who seems taken by her appearance, tries to convince her to volunteer for the food drive. Fiona doesn't seem keen, but Drew mentions she needs 40 hours of community service to graduate. Fiona then agrees. Adam watches as Drew flirts with Fiona, though she isn't interested. Adam tells Drew this, although he doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer. Adam sees Fiona waiting for her cab, and sits to talk to her. He jokes around, saying that he'd think she'd have a princess carriage coming for her, including a prince to 'sweep her off her feet' Fiona mentions she had tried that, and it didn't work out, referring to Bobby. Fiona says, "So many guys are trying to be something they're not," which makes Adam seem uncomfortable, until she mentions how he seems
honest, and she can talk to him easily. Fiona tells Adam she had 'terrible instincts when it comes to guys' and gets into her cab, giving Adam a smile. Adam is then shown holding up a cue card for Drew as he makes an announcement about the food drive. Drew tells Adam the 'research' he did on Fiona, and decided that she likes classy guys, so that's what he was going to become.Adam seems skeptical, but Drew claims he knows girls, and leaves. Drew fills in Adam about being dissed by Fiona, claims how he 'needed' this after the emotional turmoil with Alli. Adam comments maybe he should aim lowers, but Adam decides that he can help Drew, after all the help Drew has given him. Adam catches Fiona after school, dubbing her with the nickname, 'Princess Fiona' which Fiona isn't taken too. Adam tells Fiona about Drew, how great he is, being the brother-turned-wingman. Fiona seems to be oblivious to why Drew is so keen on her, when Adam tells her they both think she's great. Fiona figures if Drew is Adam's brother, he can't be too bad. Fiona informs him that she isn't looking for anything serious or physical, and to pass it onto Drew. She leaves Adam thinking.

In Umbrella (2), Drew is seen walking up to Adam and asked him if he will do the announcements for the food drive. Drew says he's done it for the past two days so Adam owes him. Adam tells him that he owes him for getting Drew a second chance with Fiona. Drew says he had a nice chat with Fiona, and Drew claims he'll do the announcements and leaves Adam with a pat on the shoulder. Clare then walks Adam and tells him about how Eli rejected her, and she's going to get her watch back from his house with a sneaky plan during lunch. Later while Adam is working at the food drive, Fiona winks at Adam and begins flirting with Drew. Adam leaves upset and mad, and joins Clare in finding her watch in Eli's room. When the combination Clare
uses to Eli's room doeasn't work, Adam suggest the numbers 22-04-09 and says that it's the day Julia died. When it works they enter the room to find it a mess. Adam comments on Eli"s room calling it a "pig sty." Adam is next seen in the gym with Drew, when Drew starts talking about where to take her on a date, Adam gets angry and yells, "You're not going there so put a sock in it!" Drew asks Adam if he's jealous and he tells Drew that she doesn't want anything physical. Drew replies with "So?" and Adam says, "So maybe I should go out with her." They begin an argument about why Fiona wouldn't date him, and Drew claims it's because she wouldn't want someone who isn't physically a guy. Adam grabs his backpack and storms off leaving Drew in the gym. Fiona later follows Adam out of the school and tells him that they snuck some from the food drive. Adam tells Fiona she didn't want her to flirt with him, and soon walks away from Fiona, after their short talk, leaving her confused about why he's being strange. Drew is next seen talking with Fiona at The Dot and she asks him, "What is your brother's malfunction?" Drew seems like he's going to tell her, but then stops and tells her Adam's the best brother. Fiona thinks it's strange that the big secret is he's super nice, but agrees that Adam's not like most guys. Later Drew tells Adam that Fiona for some reason likes him, so if he likes her, he should go for it. Drew tells Adam that he didn't tell her about his biological sex because she doesn't want anything physical, they make up and Drew says they make a good team.

In Halo (1), Adam comes up behind Eli and Clare, throwing his arms around them, after he broke them apart, pulling a prank on them. Eli asks Adam which enchanted princess he has his eye on, which Adam admits is Fiona. Clare asks if Fiona knows about Adam being transgendered, which he informs that she doesn't. In Art, Fiona comes in and sits by Adam. Fiona tells
Adam how she was looking forward to the school's upcoming dance, until she realized it was in uniform and heavily chaperoned. Fiona tells Adam about the upcoming dance back in New York, which she wishes she could attend. Later, Eli and Clare take Adam to their secret place: an abandoned "place of worship". While Eli and Clare reminisce about their time there, Adam is busy visualizing a party similar to the one Fiona is missing in New York. He shares his idea with Eli and Clare, explaining he wants to throw it for Fiona.

File:75651 466994404252 649099252 5423968 4080080 n.jpg
In Halo (2), Adam is first shown when Jenna is staring at Sav and Holly J, while He passes invitations to Chantay and Jenna for his secret party. Later on, while he's continuing to hand out party invitations, Adam enters the Art room. Adam sees Fiona, hands her an invitation, and sits near the same table. Fiona shows excitement and asks where to RSVP. Adam, who is happy to see her excitement, tells her he organized the party. Fiona is taken aback, and asks if he did this all for her, and is surprised to hear he did. She says she will be at the Party, and Adam gets excited by her positive reply. Later, at the party, while Adam is waiting for Fiona's arrival anxiously, he starts to realize she isn't going to show up. A few minutes later, Adam tries calling Fiona, but her phone leads directly to voicemail, He starts running and is stopped by Eli. Adam tells him he has to go find Fiona and leaves. Adam reaches Fiona's apartment building and calls her again, but once more, her cellphone leads to voicemail. Adam leaves a voicemail saying he is in front of her building, hopes she's OK and that he hopes to see her soon, and leaves the place disappointed.

In When Love Takes Over (1), starts when Adam and Eli are in the hallway looking for female leads for the school play. When they see Fiona, Eli suggests her for the role. Fiona approaches Adam while Eli leaves so the two could have some privacy. Adam confronts her about ditching him at the New York style party and Fiona quickly replies that her great aunt had died and she had to be there for her mom. Adam apologizes, but Fiona waves him off saying she wants to make it up to him. Adam offers Fiona the leading part in their play. Fiona jokingly asks if the part includes singing. He replies that there isn't, but states that there is a kiss with him involved. Fiona agrees and says that she wants final wardrobe approval.

Later on, Adam, Eli and Clare are auditioning Fiona for the roll. When Fiona finishes, she approaches them and asks if she got the part. Adam nods in approval and they all agree that she has a lot of work to do in filling the gaps. Fiona invites him to her condo for extra rehearsing. Later, Adam arrives at the condo, and examines her snowglobes. Fiona, who was in the kitchen, asks if he minds her drinking some champagne. Adam says he doesn't, so Fiona doesn't hesitate to drink.&nbsp

File:Tumblr lghhynz3ko1qct0ifo1 500.jpg
When they are about to begin rehearsing the kiss scene, Adam nervously decides to tell Fiona that he is transgender. Adam awaits the worst, but Fiona simply nods her head and says "okay". Adam is taken aback when she says she does not care and prefers kissing him than any other guy at Degrassi. Adam is shocked when she accidentely spills her drink on him. She huriedly goes to find Declan's spare clothes. Later on, Adam is struggling to put on Declan's tie. Fiona comes to help him and when she finishes, he asks her a to pick Truth or Dare to which she picks truth. He asks her why she didn't come to the party he planned for her and admits that he knows that she lied about her great aunt dying. She says he looks at her like she's a princess, and he will eventually get sick of her and leave like everyone else. He looks at her in the eyes before staing with certainty, that will never happen. She is about to head back to the living-room when he grabs her hand and stops her. He states it's her turn to ask him truth or dare. Before she has the time to respond, he picks dare which lead her to leaning in and begin's kissing Adam.

In When Love Takes Over (2), Adam is late to the play rehearsal, explaining Fiona is probably late because of their late night activities. Clare offers the four of them meet at the cafeteria for lunch and although&nbsp

Adam is a bit hesitant, he agrees. At lunch, Adam, Eli and Clare are waiting for Fiona to arrive, but Adam gives up and states that she probably won't show up. Shortly after, Fiona arrives drunk and Adam decides to go for a walk. Fiona thinks Adam wanted to make out, but he shakes her off and tells her telling her she's drunk. She frowns, telling him Holly J. doesn't understand that drinking makes being with him easier. Adam is shocked to find out she is drinking because of him and as soon as she comes in for a kiss, he says he doesn't understand and leaves.Eli and Clare enter the school theater to see Adam sitting by himself. They tell him that they canceled rehearsal, that he doesn't need to worry, and that he will soon have a relationship like the two of them. The three are about to leave when Fiona enters the room. Adam asks for them to give them a few minutes of privacy. Fiona begs him to stay with her and not leave her after he states he is dropping out of the play. He asks her for one reason to stay with her. To this, he replies that she loves him. He quickly says he feels the same way and they walk away holding hands.
The next day, Adam and Fiona meet at the hallway. Both smilling, he tells her he missed her and they start talking about their first date. Fiona cuts the conversation short when she sees Holly J. staring at them and heads to class. Holly J. approaches Adam saying Fiona is tricking him into believing she doesn't really have a problem, and continues, saying she thinks Fiona is an alcoholic and he's enabling her. Adam is frustrated to hear Fiona's family is preparing an intervention that same evening and are planning to take her away. Holly J suggests Adam attends and helps solving her problem. He heads to Fiona's class and convinces her to go away with him, anywhere. She smiles at his spontaneousness and agrees, telling him to wait so she can go home and change. Adam goes to her condo, finding her lain across her couch asleep and a bottle of Champagne beside the couch. Fiona wakes up, saying she only had 'a little.' Adam goes to the kitchen to get her water but instead calls Holly J. He leaves a voicemail telling Holly J. that he wants to help with Fiona's problem. To implement, he brings a blind folded Fiona to the meeting or intervention, having convinced her he was taking her somewhere else. Fiona is angry when she realizes what's going on and denies her having a problem. She tries to leave, but Adam blocks the doorway. She tells Holly J. to make him leave and that she never wants to see him again. Adam leaves, obviously heartbroken. He later goes to The Dot with Eli and Clare.
They try to make him feel better and are convinced that Fiona didn't mean what she said, but he doesn't listen. He gets up and sits on the counter when Holly J. walks in. She gives him a page from Fiona's journal, stating that Fiona will kill her if she found out. Later on, Holly J. leaves and the episodes ends with a voice over. The letter is Fiona expressing strong feelings for someone, who is inferred to be Adam.

In Jesus, Etc. (1), Clare and Adam are talking at The Dot and Clare tells Adam how Eli gets protective and she can't breathe but says he is worth it. Then they notice Fitz is working at The Dot. Then later Adam is seen leaving The Dot when Clare walks up to Fitz.

In Chasing Pavements (1), Fiona is talking to Holly J then she looks up and sees Adam. He looks worried so he just walks away.

In Chasing Pavements (2) Fiona attempts to reconcile with Adam by inviting him over to watch a movie. While Adam is at her house, Fiona confesses that part of her drinking was not because of his being an&nbsp

FTM, but because she was afraid Adam would become too close and discover the real her and they begin kissing. Fiona attempts to make a sexual move which makes Adam uncomfortable with his body. To make Adam feel better, Fiona says that she likes how Adam is the "best of both worlds" because he's "boyish and girlish". Adam is angry because he doesn't want to be reminded of his girlish parts and because he discovers Fiona is a lesbian and was just using him. Adam then leaves, telling Fiona that she should accept that she wants a girl.

In Drop the World (1) Eli pulls Adam to the side while Adam is about to go into class and asks him for advice about his and Clare's relationship. Adam tells Eli not to worry and then goes to class.

In Drop the World (2) Adam is seen sitting with Eli in class and asks him why he's not sitting next to Clare. Eli informs him that he is giving Clare space and Adam tells Eli that he didn't think the word "space" was in his vocabulary.

Season 11Edit

In Spring Fever, Adam and Drew's mom, Audra, was just telling Drew he wasn't allowed to go to the concert with Bianca when Adam enters the room. Adam asks Drew to play video games, considering they were both in for the night but Drew decids to go out anyways, while not listening to Adam, saying he could get more grounded than he all ready was. Later on, Drew has a big problem! Vince, the gang guy, gives him a gun and promises not to shoot him if Drew will work for him. Drew comes home, thinking on what to do with the gun. At the same time, Adam is playing a shooting video game. The sounds of shooting from the game freak Drew out, so he asks Adam to turn it off, but Adam refuses.

In LoveGame, as the first day of school after the vacation starts, Dave catches up to Adam askingabout Drew's whereabouts. Adam says he's trying to lay low after he told the police he killed Anson and that their mom freakd out and got a lawyer. Dave just nods his head saying he can't believe Drew killed someone. But Adam hurriedly tells him it was self defence and that Drew would never kill a guy in his life, trying to save Drew's reputation. Later on, Adam enters first period classroom with Clare. The two go to the teacher's desk to collect their binders; Adam takes one for him and hands one to Clare, but she is lost in thought and the binder falls to the ground. They both bend over to pick it up; Adam asks Clare what's wrong with her, and she starts rambling about Eli. She tries to get Adam to tell her what's the matter with Eli and wether they will be at "Above The Dot" that night. All Adam tells her is that he thinks they will be there...possibly. That evening Adam hangs out at "Above The Dot" playing Billiards with Eli. Jake joins the two after Clare introduces him to Eli. Adam later looks on in concern when Clare screams at Eli at Above The Dot.

In Cry Me A River (1) Adam and Dave both try to be selected for Degrassi's radio show. Adam and Dave arrive at the same time at Degrassi's recording room to find Sav, who is supposed to choose one of them for "Degrassi Radio". Sav tells them they will have to go on air together and let the students decide who wins the gig. Later on we see Adam and Dave as they are getting ready to go on air for the final decision. Sav asks the two if they are ready, and Adam responds saying, "I was born ready". Dave comments Adam's saying by referring to him being transgender (which earlier we saw he has a problem with). This leads to Adam and Dave both joking with each other, and they fail to notice the whole school can hear them. They finish joking and are ready to broadcast, but Sav announces they both got the gig and will be having a show together. Adam and Dave walk out happily, Dave saying he is glad to be working with Adam. Dave enters the boys' restroom telling Adam he will be out shortly. Adam debates going in as well, and enters the restroom, where Dave is using the urinal. Adam, unsure of himself decides to wash his hands when he sees Dave's hesitation. They start talking about their next broadcast when Adam stares at Dave peeing to try and copy his stance. Dave gets frightened and hurries out of the room, while Adam tries to apologies. Later that day Adam and Eli are sitting in the MI lab waiting for Dave to arrive. Adam explains to Eli that all he wanted was Dave to see him as a guy, and that he was interested at how to stand at the urinal because he bought a stand-to-pee (STP) device. Dave arrives and Eli advices Adam to act like the restroom insident never happened - Adam takes Eli's advice. Dave and Adam start working on their next radio show, but Dave keeps acting weird, so Adam confronts him. Adam brings up the bathroom incident, but Dave waves him off saying it's not his fault, he just had too much caffeine. Dave walks off to the restroom and Adam follows him, this time usung the urinals. Dave is curious as to how Adam can use the urinals and peeks at Adam, asking what the peeing device was. Adam gets alarmed and drops the peeing device on the floor making pee splash on Dave's shoes. Dave hurries outside telling Adam to stay away from him. The next day Adam arrives at the recording room, waiting for Dave to arrive for their first broadcast, but Dave is late. Adam apologizes once more, but Dave waves him off. The two start the broadcast and Dave chooses to talk about bathroom rules, asking if girls are allowed to use the boys' bathroom. He keeps on, talking about Adam being a tranny. Sav tries to shut him up, and puts on music in order to cut Dave off. Adam hurriedly leaves the room, and Sav scolds Dave.


In Cry Me a River (2), Adam shows Dave a protest the LGBT club has made to remove him from the Degrassi's Radio Show. This upsets Dave, who confronts Sav about it and only ends up getting rejected and angry when he finds out Adam is still on the show, but not him. Later, Adam finds Dave dressing up in girl clothes and going to their washroom, trying to "make a point" that Adam only wants to see guys, intead of wanting to be accepted as one. This causes a fight between the boys and ultimately a detention. After school Adam explains to Dave that he discriminated against him for something he can't change. The next day Dave finds Adam at the handicapped bathroom that was assigned to him by Simpson. Dave sneaks into the radio booth and apologizes to Adam on air, who accepts and co-hosts the show with him.


In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Adam fills in for Dave, who is sick, at the Degassi Radio. He calls Imogen "psycho" after she states that Eli punched her and is seen wearing tampons up her nose, in truth she "tripped". In this episode Adam is first seen talking to Eli before school starts, and following him when he talks to Clare.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2) Eli tries asking Adam to help him. Eli tells him his anti-anxiety pills are killing his creativity and that he needs Adam to keep his pills just until he finishes writing the play for his drama class. Adam refuses - he tells Eli to ask his doctor for different pills. Eli gets upset and shouts, but Adam doesn't want to get in the way of Eli's therapy so he dismisses him. Adam moves away to start his broadcast on Degrassi Radio and sees that Imogen, the girl he called "Psycho" the previous day, took Eli's pills instead.

In Should've Said No (1), Adam is hosting Degrassi Radio with Dave, while taking about his (Dave) relationship with Alli.

In Should've Said No (2), Adam is upset that his parents and brother went to move to Boston. His mom refuses to admit that Drew has post-dramatic stress disorder.

In U Don't Know (1), Adam along with Dave have Katie on Degrassi Radio as a special guest. Katie invites Adam to join the prom fundraiser fashion show that is being held at Degrassi. Adam, who is convinced by Dave that Katie was flirting with him, approaches Katie while she is setting up for the runway. Adam signs up for the fashion show and asks her to be her escort and to his surprise her answer is positive. Adam, who is not used to&nbsp

girls flirting with him, asks Katie if she knows he is trans, but once again her answer is positive. At the show Katie and Adam are both very nervous, but once the show endsthey are relieved and decide to make plans for the following day. Adam, who finds himself in an unfamiliar territory asks Marrisol, Katie's BFF, if she knows if katie likes him, but to his dismay, she answers that with his current body, there aren't much chances Katie is into him. The next day, Adam convinces Dave to look at his chest and tell him if his breasts are visible even with the binder on, but once again, to his dismay, Dave tells him that he doesn't have much to do and that he can see his breasts.

In U Don't Know (2), Adam likes Katie, and thinks she likes him back, but after what her BFF, Marisol, said, he is insecure about his body. Adam asks his mom to discuss top surgery which at first she dismisses, but then promises to talk with the school counselor about it. Unfortunate for Adam, the school counselor explains that he first has to go through counseling to make sure he really wants this, and that it will be problematic since his body is still changing. Instead of top surgery, the counselor suggests a different binder which will flatten his chest better. After having a fun day with Katie the previous day and after receiving the new binder, he walks confidentally to Katie and offers to go to a movie, but it comes clear that she is not interested in him "that way".

In Lose Yourself (2) Adam helps Clare find out what Eli is up to since he hired Jake for the school play.

In Dead and Gone (2), Adam arrives with Drew and Katie and he is there when Katie spots Bianca. Adam points out that Bianca's boyfriend still wants to kill Drew. Drew says he was there for both Adam and Katie and he wants to be there for Bianca too. Adam and Eli serve as waiters at the prom. He is cleaning up Drew's table
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and sees Bianca sitting alone. Bianca says she's sorry for what she did to him and they dance. She says she was an idiot for not wanting to be his ballroom partner, as they would have killed it. Adam gets shot by Vince, who shows up at the prom to get Bianca. Eli is the first to realize that Adam got hurt and points this out to the others. Drew pomises Adam he will be at the hospital soon. Clare and Eli are with Adam at the hospital. Clare asks Adam what being shot feels like and he says it feels like a warm hug on a cold day. Eli points out that girls like scars and Adam jokes again that he now has another thing to explain when he takes his shirt off. His mother arrives and is relieved to see that he is alright. When Drew, Katie and Bianca arrive at the hospital, Drew hugs Adam and although he is glad to see his brother, he says he is still sore. Drew promises Adam that he'll be his butler.

In Nowhere to Run, he is seen watching television, while his brother, Drew, was helping Katie to slice "Welcome Back Degrassi Posters, and Bianca was helping with his dad for her court plea bargin. Later, he is seen finding the controller of his video game when Bianca called Clare. When Bianca asks Adam to crash a party at Jake's cabin, he answers her that he is busy.


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  • Adam is the first transgender character to ever be featured on Degrassi.
  • Adam is the first scripted transgender teen character in television history (not including documentaries or one-time guest roles).
  • Adam is one of three characters who caused self-harm to themselves. Others include Ellie Nash and Darcy Edwards, who both cut themselves.
  • All of Adam's crushes, Bianca, Fiona, & Katie have also been eyed by his brother, Drew.
  • Jordan Todosey revealed in an interview that Adam was originally going to be an androgynous lesbian named Zoe.
  • Both times Adam and Fiona started a relationship, the episode where they got together was the episode that they broke up.
  • Adam knows how to play the bass guitar.
  • Adam has been interested in older women: Bianca DeSousa and Katie Matlin, who are a year older and a grade higher than him, and Fiona Coyne, who is two years older and a senior at Degrassi.
  • Adam involuntarily came out to the whole school as an FTM transgender when Bianca ripped open his shirt in the hallway, however, he willingly came out to his best friends, Clare and Eli, after Clare covered for Adam. He later became friends with Bianca, after she apologized.
  • Adam is one of the (currently and that we know of) two characters on the show to change their name and go by it instead of their original birth name, the other being Jane Vaughn.
  • Adam, like his step-brother Drew, has the nickname 'Grasshopper'. Adam is called this by Eli and Drew is called it by Julian.
  • He plays "Call Of Duty: Black Ops".
  • His Twitter
  • Adam was the fifth character in Degrassi history to get shot. The others are Claude, Jimmy, Rick, and Spinner.
  • Adam is the second character to be shot in the shoulder. The other is Spinner.
  • He and Bianca renewed their friendship in Dead and Gone (2).
  • Adam is the co-host of The Degrassi Radio Show with Dave Turner.
  • In Dead and Gone (2), it is revealed that his birthday may be between April and June when the paramedic said to someone on his walkie-talkie that Adam was 16.


  • (To Sav): "You gave up back stage passes to the Dead Hand?!" (first line)
  • (About Fiona): "Holy crap. She's perfect." (Degrassi mini, Love Is)
  • Sav: "Dude I can't believe you got it in there!" Adam: "Ha, that's what my ex-girlfriend said!" [awkward silence] ..."What?" Eli: "Gross."
  • Adam: "Booyah!" Sav: "Dude, booyah?" Eli: "Who are you?" Adam: "Sorry."
  • Fitz: (with Adam starring at him) "What the hell are you looking at?"Adam: "I'm still trying to figure that out..."
  • Clare: "Why do you have tampons?" Fitz: "Hey Adam, drop something?" Adam: "Clare, pick up your stuff. That's nasty." Clare: "Silly me, always dropping my feminine hygiene products..." Owen: "Gross...."
  • (To Clare and Eli): "She'll be even more shocked when I introduce her to her grandson... SURPRISE!"
  • "Really Mom, pronoun problems, still?"
  • Adam: "I'm a FTM, a female to male transgender." *awkward silence* *Clare asks if he's gay* Eli: "Coooool. Wait. Hold the phone. Does this mean can't let one rip in front of you?" Adam: "Eli, I'd be insulted if you didn't."
  • (To Bianca about her locker): "Is there a section in there dedicated to hair mousse?"
  • (To Bianca): "I think I could be your type."
  • (To Clare): "It's official... I'm the third wheel."
  • "Yeah, well, Gandhi never met Fitz."
  • (To Eli, about Clare): "Come on, the girl's dying." Eli: [gives Adam a look] Adam: "Okay, she's just really hurting."
  • (To Eli and Clare): "SUSPENDED FOR PDA!"
  • (To Drew, about a can of refried beans): "I swear to God, if you don't tell me where to put these..."
  • Adam: "I think there is something you should know." Fiona "Okay." Adam: "I'm transgender." Fiona:"Okay."
  • "I love cheese." (To Fiona)
  • "I like movies." (To Fiona)
  • "No, I'm not, Fiona. I'm a guy." (To Fiona)
  • "Face it, Fiona. You want a girl." (To Fiona)
  • (To Eli): "Space? I didn't think that word was in your vocabulary."
  • "Maybe on the outside I'm not your typical guy, but up here I am." *Taps his head* (To Fitz)
  • Eli: "Clever guys... another stunning display of verbal accuity." Adam: "(mockingly): Another stunning display of verbal accuity!"
  • Fitz: "What? You two get in a lover's quarrel at guys night?" Adam: "There was no guys night... Eli bailed." Fitz: "Probably blinded himself with too much guy-liner." Adam: "Yeah, probably listened to emo and got all emotional!"
  • Adam: "I don't want your pity." Eli : "Don't be such a girl!"
  • Adam: "Hey! That's a limited edition!" Clare: "And it's about to get even more limited."
  • (To Dave): "Nobody said you had to stare!"
  • (To Dave): "You have the brain of a scarecrow and the heart of a tinman."
  • (On the radio to Dave): "Look, you know you're a guy, so do I. But I got wrong equipment."
  • "BOOM!"
  • (To Eli about Imogen): "That girl is psycho.."
  • Dave: "I would just follow the sign on the door." Adam: "Yeah, well 50 years ago that sign would have said whites only." Dave: "That's different! That's racism." Adam: "Okay maybe it's not exactly the same, but still, you discriminate against me based on something I didn't choose and can't change. It's the way I am, Dave."
  • (To Dave): "You don't know anything about me, I don't care about your stupid junk!"
  • (To Drew): "Since those gang members went Grand Theft Auto on your butt!"
  • (To Drew): "Drew, I'm sorry you're such a WHIMP!"
  • Dave: "If Sadie asks, you and I have a date tonight." Adam: "I have absolutely nothing to wear."
  • Dave: "They started out as chicks? That's intense." Adam: "That's my life."
  • (To Clare): "My list of things Eli wouldn't do is very short."
  • Clare: "Aha! Ipecac!" Adam: "Hand sanitizer."
  • (To Drew): "Okay, good, because I like my violence virtual."
  • (To Drew): "Who told Lois Lane?"
  • "Awkward.."
  • (To Eli and Clare about getting shot): "No, it felt like a warm hug on a cold day."
  • (To Eli and Clare about his gunshot scar): "Yay, another thing to explain when I take my shirt off."
  • "I will black op your butt into infinity!"
  • (To Dave about his transphobia): "Yeah, well, 50 years ago that sign would have said whites only."